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Beginner's Guide: Getting Started

Fri Sep 30, 2016, 5:00 AM

Welcome to the Island!

"My name is Slayer, I am the tour guide here on the island and I am going to take you through the basic information of the Island. This includes my species, Isomara, and the lore. I'm also here to clear some confusion and to help with seeking advice and answers to questions. Make sure to read this guide if you are ever in need. We also have a simple  FAQ/Help Journal  in case you just have some questions you quickly want to be answered."

What are Isomara?

    Isomara are semi-aquatic fluffy dragons with huge paws and fluffy manes. They are sentient creatures with the abilities to use tools, farm, herd, and even tame local fauna. They are tribal creatures who live rather simple lives. Isomara typically live in colonies or civilizations which are not run by any individual but instead is formed and ran through the word of the wise. Typically older Isomara are in charge more than younger, however, many younger Isomara are growing smarter and wiser and often get a large say in matters as they can bring forth new ideas into the society. 

    Isomara are the primary playable characters of this game. Aside from Isomara, there are other species on the island that members can own. Some of these other species are called companions and help give buffs and benefits to Isomara. Normally it is recommended to own an Isomara before any companions if you wish to play the game. 

    Resources that explain more about what Isomaras are and their anatomy:

Iso Species Information
Iso Species Trait Guide

          Other Useful Links

    Island Inhabitants
    Stance Variation: Anthro Vs. Feral
      Wing Size: Flyer Vs. Swimmer
                                                                                                                                      Art by Windup-Hero     

      How do I get started in the ARPG and get an Isomara?

      Dually note that Isomara-Island is a closed species ARPG (Art Roleplay Game) group, you may not make your own Isomara for free. There are a few ways to obtain your own Isomara. 
      Before seeking out an Isomara read over the Group Rules.

          How to obtain an Isomara:

      There are many ways to obtain Isomara, the most common way is through adoptions by SlayersStronghold or Windup-Hero. Watching them would be the best way to spot adoptables quickly. 

      THE DAYCARE - Trade in in-game currency for Eggs, Isolings, and MYO slots. There are also times where there will be FREE eggs and Isolings.
          The daycare is a great way to get an Isomara. There will often be eggs and Isolings up for adoption for Paypal, Points, or Seashells. You can also get make-your-own (MYO) slots for seashells too. Just draw an NPC, the Isomara of the Month, or a friends Isomara to get some quick in-game currency.
          (The Isomara of the Month is displayed in many widgets around the group and on the profile of IsomaraIndex)

      ADVERTISEMENTS - This gallery folder is a place you can look through as this is where people will post when they're either selling, trading, holding raffles, and giveaways of Isomara (This folder is also used to post YCH's and Looking For journals).

      COURTSHIP - A way to have two Isomara give birth to a new Isoling for you to grow and love. This way is a bit far out as you need to own at least one Isomara and know someone who wants their Isomara to be courted. Ask two people to have their Isomara court to get an egg for yourself is a pretty rare occurrence.

      MYO SLOTS - Are Make-Your-Own Isomara slots which can be purchased with using Points or Paypal. Make sure to read the rules thoroughly.

      Additionally, there are some random events where you might get an Isomara. Sometimes they're Draw-to-Adopts, random raffles, and at times there might be island events. Keep an eye on Isomara-Island for events like these. 

              Other Useful Links

        Hatching Eggs
        Isoling Growth
        Special Traits

              Important things to read up on before participating:

              Seashells - In-Game Currency

                  Seashells (also known as 'ss') are the in-game currency for Isomara Island. They are used for nearly all transactions and will be used to be able to participate in some events and activities. They are gotten through drawing or writing about yours or someone else's Isomara. You will only receive seashells for art and literature if you are a member of the group. 

              Ways to retrieve bonus Seashells aside from general art and literature include: 

              seashell by catluvr2 Drawing the Isomara of the Month,  NPCs, or the community Duestrum
              seashell by catluvr2 Exploring various biomes on the island
              seashell by catluvr2 Entering into events

              How getting seashells and items work:

                  Everytime you submit a deviation wether it be artwork or literature, you will receive a comment by IsomaraIndex on that deviation with the amount of SS you've earned for that deviation. As well as items, if it is an exploration that you submitted. Please make sure you have your comments enabled on your deviations and that you submit them to the group. 
                  If you ever want to transfer ss or any items to another member go visit Darwin's Delivery Service.

              Plain Gray Divider by neripixu

              Isomara Group Chat - Discord Group Chat (All Ages)

                  Feel free to join our group chat at any time, we encourage you to meet fellow community members and share in the fun.
                  Keep in mind this game is rated E+ for everyone 

            What do I do next?

            Once you feel you are ready you can jump right into activities. Listed below are activities and events and how often they can be played. Most can be participated using NPC's if you don't happen to have an Isomara. [B] - Beginner activity [A] - Advanced activity; recommended to have your own Isomara and have done some beginner activities first 


            These activities are always open and can be played as many times as you want every day.
              [A] Voyaging - Venture outside the island in search of new discoveries
              [A] Crafting - Take your items and make them into new and more useful things
                [A] Classes & Experience - Specialize your Iso and level up their profession and gain perks [A] Isoling Club - Have your Isoling join a team and go on adventures [A] Dungeon Dash - Test your Isomara's stats against various enemy encounters


        Activities that are only playable once a week or are only open/updated specific times throughout the week.

        [A] Monday Maze Races - Enter your goom companion into a race and win items and achievements
        [B] Wishful Wednesdays - Have a wish? Like maybe you want a goom, or need some luck? Donate some items or ss and wait to see if it gets granted
        [B] Friday Food Raffle - Spend 10ss for a chance at winning food


        Monthly activities normally have to do with mechanics and system updating. Such as Hunger where on the first of the month all Isomara hunger meters decrease.

        [B] Hunger Mechanic - Learn about buffs and debuffs of feeding your Isomara
        [B] Isomara of the Month - RNG chosen Isomara that gains an achievement and members can draw/write about for extra ss
        [A] Inflictions & Ailments - Random occurrences that can cause debuffs to an Isomara, and sometimes can trigger sudden events


        The Isomara Event Calendar lists the annual events and activities. These activities are only available for a short time every year.

        [B] Memic Awareness Month - Memics come out of hibernation and are more active
        [B] Summer Shift Event - Yearly event around June/July typically revolves around a major change in the world/society
        [B] Halloween Extravaganza - Yearly event in October filled with fun games, contests, and challenges

        ONE TIME:

        These activities can only be done once per member.

        [B] Slayer's Substantiation - Test your Isomara knowledge and get in-game currency and items for answering correctly

        Questions/Help Journal
        Isomara Group Directory


        How to join and start in the Isomara-Island ARPG.
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