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[BB] Spring Carnival Tracker

Sat Apr 15, 2017, 1:48 PM

Active Ticket entries

Active Tickets = 0  tICKET by griffsnuff

Unactive Ticket entries

Great Graces by SlayersStronghold April Shower Prompt WinnersHello Sprouts!
We hope you are having a great time at the carnival. Its just such a great thing to see so many people just enjoying making the art, and getting the rewards, and taking the chances and playing the games and just AHHHH so thank you thank you thank you thank you....we are so very thankful for each of you and we hope that you know it! We could not express it enough how glad we are to have this community and have the people in the community giving this species the support that they do....thats you!!! So thank you!
OKAY so on to the important thing
April Showers Winners
Because of the event we have decided to award tickets! So this was purely based on moderators choice this time.
First Place Winning x10

"What a Beautiful Sound" by XNightMelody
What a beautiful peace with such a happy energy!
Second Place Winning x5

"April Sh
Love These Colors by SlayersStronghold Move That Body by SlayersStronghold Choo Choo by SlayersStronghold

Bunch of Stuff by SlayersStronghold

Tickets spent = 35

Tier 1 Game entries

Tier 2 Game entries

Tier 3 Game entries

Tier 4 Game entries

Prizes recieved

Event bean by griffsnuffx16

Any Griffian you own that has participated in this Carnival

Registered Creatures for Carnival

48 Pirateshimi by griffsnuff Art by others for event-
Relikelc rebase by griffsnuff Art by others for event -
#2 Terratrap - Kitten and blueberries CLOSED by griffsnuff Art by others for event -

#2 Event - Spring Carnival
Trade Tickets for Items!





Get Tickets!

Each game can only get you up to 25 tickets!

Spring Dress up Art of a Griffian dressed up in costumes 2/25
Silly silly dance move Art of a Griffian making the silliest face and pose 9/25
Flower child Art of a Griffian that has anything to do with flowers 4/25
Jump on the Parabara Art of a griffian trying to wake the Parabara 1/25
Pie Eating Contest Art of a Griffian stuffing their face 4/25
Vermin Fun Art of a Griffian that has anything to do with snych  at the Carnival 1/25
Funny mirror house Art of a griffian inside a mirror house DRAWN with nondominant hand 0/25
Expression terror Art of a griffian (head shots only) with 5 different types of expressions 3/25
Pop a bean balloon Art of a griffian popping a bean shaped balloon 1/25
Pin the tail on the floophorse Art of a griffian pinning a tail on a floophorse poster 1/25
Whack a Whap Art of a griffian Whacking a toy  whap in the head so it squeaks 0/25
Knock the bottles Art of a griffian Knocking down potions??  Fabian's  collection?? 0/25
Paint some faces Art of a griffian with face paint on, are they happy or mad? 2/25
Food tasting! Art of a griffian eating different carnival foods 2/25
Help the nature Art of a griffian planting some plants at the carnival 0/25
Clean up Art of a griffian helping keeping the carnival clean 0/25
Performer Art of a griffian performing at the carnival 0/25
Fun ride Art of a griffian joining some kind of ride 2/25
Make a wish Art of a griffian drawing their biggest wish in life by the wish well 0/25
Late night fireworks Art of griffian watching the fireworks 0/25

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April 15, 2017