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[BB] Hollowbean Festival Tracker

Fri Oct 27, 2017, 2:27 AM

Bagbeans: Hollowbean Festival Tracker


    Hollowbean Festival
    Hollowbean Festival Ticket Journal Turn-In
    Hollowbean Festival Stall

Grinding for Tickets Event:

Total Active Tickets: 4

Jegus by SlayersStronghold (30)     Wanted More by SlayersStronghold(5)
*note only 34/35 counted
Ticket Turn-In Link


Trick Or Treat with NPCs Event:

Bert tick Guy tick Mr. Peadersen tick Agnes tick Patch tick Quest tick Fabian tick

Queen Pisum tick

Hi Miss Queen by SlayersStronghold Oh Hello by SlayersStronghold Trick or Treat But Id Never Trick you by SlayersStronghold

Total Tickets Spent: 30

Slay's Ticket Spending
Beanian Smol - Skull by BankOfGriffia Beanian Smol -  Smash by BankOfGriffia Caprian Smol -  Ghostie by BankOfGriffia Caprian Smol - Blood by BankOfGriffia Fluffian Smol -  Silk by BankOfGriffia Fluffian Smol -  Bat by BankOfGriffia (Each x1)


Prizes Earned:

Trick or Treat Event Prizes:
Collectible - Edible - Pisum Pumpkin Cake by BankOfGriffiax9  Bag - Hollow Festival Pouch by BankOfGriffiax3  Collectible - Pillow - Kitte Face Hugger by BankOfGriffiax1   Collectible - Wooden Statue - Crawling Kittebrate by BankOfGriffia x1  Collectible - Postage - The Brate Night by BankOfGriffiax6  Collectible - Edible - Bag of Pead Poppies by BankOfGriffiax1  Collectible - Edible - Dough'nut Steal by BankOfGriffiax6  Collectible - Edible - Spoop o' Lantern by BankOfGriffiax3  Outfit - Amulet of the Hollow by BankOfGriffiax1
Collectible - Cards - Ace of Voodus by BankOfGriffiax1  Collectible - Cards - Ace of Tamus by BankOfGriffiax1   Collectible - Cards - Ace of Healus by BankOfGriffiax1  Collectible - Cards - Ace of Arcanus by BankOfGriffiax1     Jar of Time Water by BankOfGriffiax5  Hollow Bean by BankOfGriffiax15  Jar of Lure - Sap by BankOfGriffiax5

[Agnes 1] [Patch 1] [Quest 1] [Bert 1] [Fabian 1] [Guy 1] [Peaderson 1] [Cop Triplets 1&2] [Meme 1&2] [Pisum 1] [Pisum 2] [Pisum 3] [Pisum 4] [Pisum 5]


Griffians Included in Event:

Terratrap #002 by Beaniamasterlist Relic #005 by Beaniamasterlist Cloakbun #021 by fluffiamasterlist Paraglire 022 by jitsumi1221 48 Pirateshimi by griffsnuff

Capria Hollow's Eve Festival Tracker:

Capria Hollow's Eve Festival


Battle On! Part 1 by SlayersStronghold Battle On! Part 2 by SlayersStronghold Battle On! Part 3 by SlayersStronghold Come On by SlayersStronghold Lets fight by SlayersStronghold You Overgrown by SlayersStronghold Dumb Eel by SlayersStronghold Punk by SlayersStronghold
Nice Quiet Nigh- Oh Who Am I Kidding Pt.1 by SlayersStronghold Nice Quiet Nigh- Oh Who Am I Kidding Pt.2 by SlayersStronghold Nice Quiet Nigh- Oh Who Am I Kidding Pt.3 by SlayersStronghold Nice Quiet Nigh- Oh Who Am I Kidding Pt.4 by SlayersStronghold

Agatha's spoopy smol
Its Filled with Candy I Swear by SlayersStronghold

Caprian Smol - Blood by BankOfGriffiax1 - Agatha

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Submitted on
October 27, 2017