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Stat Training

    Training improves your Isomara's ability to survive and adapt. Training also prepares your Isomaras for other activities and events in the group. An Isomaras stats are divided into two attributes: Fight and Flight. These two stats can be interpreted in many ways and give a wide and open canvas for your imagination.

    After submitting a training, the Isomara will be rewarded with a set amount of stats. The gain is determined by a variety of factors, such as an Isomara's age and hunger. Once the stat gain is calculated, the gain is added to the Isomara's stat pool. Every Isomara has a stat pool located on their official import, which they can then assign as they see fit into each stat. However, once assigned, those stats cannot be removed or exchanged to another stat without the use of a Realign Elixir. which will allow you to entirely respec your Isomara's stats.

Stat gain per training changes based on a few variables:
    Age - Isolings Base 2 || Adults Base 3
    Breed - Duestrums grant +1 to every other Iso in an image/story when included (stackable!)
    Hunger - Starving -1 || Peckish +0 || Satisfied +0 || Full +1 || Stuffed +2
    Inventory - Equipment (Some items, when equipped, grant bonuses to the Iso or whole party)
    Achievements - 
        - 100 in Both Stats gives an Isomara double the stat gain from trainings
        - Sting or String +1 stat gain when training with their Memora companion(s)

What Counts as Training?

    Training is the act of teaching an Isomara a particular skill or type of behavior.
    To train your Isomara, imagine them performing a task or action that could involve one of the attributes listed below, then draw or write about them performing or improving it. Training could mean to have them go punch a tree, improving their courage (standing up to something that scares them, for example), lifting objects, blocking incoming projectiles and attacks, resisting against a force, etc. It could also be as simple as running or flying, or as interesting as navigating an obstacle course, bounding from tree to tree, or examining and observing their surroundings. If a task or action can hone or improve your Isomara, or simply count as exercise for their brain or body, that counts as training!

    Since the species isn't very advanced, be sure to avoid books, technology, and machinery, as those are not viable in the setting. Be creative with what you add to your training and have fun. You don't have to specify the specific stat your Isomara is training, these are just to help you think of ideas.

    Fight could be considered:
        Strength, Defense, Constitution, Willpower
    Flight is often associated as:
        Dexterity, Perception, Agility, Stamina, Charisma

"Strength is being able to crush a tomato. Dexterity is being able to dodge a tomato. Constitution is being able to eat a bad tomato. Intelligence is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad. Charisma is being able to sell a tomato-based fruit salad." - Quote

Training Guidelines

Bullet; Blue Images must have full bodies (at least 75% of the Iso showing) and have a simple background. Coloring and shading are optional.
Bullet; Blue Literature trainings must be at least 350 words long. If you want to train your Isomara multiple times in one submission, add 350 words per extra training set.
Bullet; Blue Training pictures must be their own separate entity, doubling a training as an exploration or date is not allowed
Bullet; Blue Trainings you make of Isomara not owned by you will not count unless their import permissions allow it "Can be Trained by Others: Y/N".
Bullet; Blue You may only train up to five (5) different Isomara per image/story.
Bullet; Blue All trainings need to be submitted to the Training folder.
Bullet; Blue To assign stats from your pool visit the import edits journal.
Note: Training caps at 500 per stat (500 Fight & 500 Flight).


- After training once Isolings can join Gatwar's team at the Isoling Club.
- Upon reaching 10 in both fight and flight your adult Isomara can participate in voyaging.
- After reaching 35 in either stat your Isomara can now participate in [Dungeon Dash].
Once an Isomara has 100 in both stats, their training gain will be doubled from that point on!
- There are also training related achievements which grant perks to Isomara:
25 in a Single Stat by IsomaraIndex 50 in a Single Stat by IsomaraIndex 100 in a Single Stat by IsomaraIndex 100 in Both Stats by IsomaraIndex


    While exploring the forest, you find a beehive, and while trying to get honeycomb from it you disrupt the humbles, prompting them to attack you. You can choose either Fight or Flight for dealing with this threat!

    Depending on your choice and your Isomara's stats, the encounter's outcome could vary. In the above example, if you had a high flight you could escape the swarm without harm, while a low flight stat would likely result in injury and loss of any honey you'd retrieved.

   Encounters are optional, sudden prompts that can appear at the bottom of an exploration roll. When exploring, you have the chance to both receive items and be confronted by an island inhabitant

If that happens, you will be prompted to either Fight or Flight against the enemy. These can be ignored, but if you try and succeed you can be rewarded with extra items and new companions. Failure can result in your Isomara being inflicted with a wound, so consider stats carefully.

    The outcome will depend on the stat you choose for your Isomara to use and how high that stat is, as well as the type and number of enemies and Isomara in the encounter. Even if an encounter fails, you may still succeed at nabbing items from the encounter.

Enemies you can encounter - Items you can recover from them:
Humbles - Sticks, Honeycomb, Honey
Skrill - Coral, Skrill, Kelp
Seagulls - Feathers, Pearl, Salmon
Gooms - Goo, Ecto, Goom Orb
Sharks - Skrill, Teeth, Bone
Memics - Feathers, Memic Egg, Bone
Blepper - Rocks, Stick, Memic Egg
Crab - Kelp, Clam, Crab
Memora - Cotton, Mint, String
Boar - Sticks, Teeth, Bone
(More enemies are to be revealed in the future)

Slay Tidbit7 - By Anarchisme by IsomaraIndex

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