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7 Facts Character Meme

Fri Apr 1, 2016, 3:34 PM
Edit: I got double tagged again by Trumplocke and Geo-Dragon

I got double tagged by HitaKai and SentriesAries 

(and I'm only doing 7 facts because I'm lazy)

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 7 facts about your character.
3. Tag 7 other Characters.
4. Post their names along with their creator's avatars.

Tagged by trumplocke and Geodragon they both asked for Jeremiah
E24: Mythical Morning by SlayersStronghold
E01: Jeremiah by SlayersStronghold

1. I've had to redesign Jeremiah roughly four (4) times. I tend to rush traits on too soon before really thinking about the overall look later on.

2. His name, Jeremiah, was chosen so I could give him the nickname Jermy. Jermy is a play on the word germs. As Jeremiah would love to play in the mud as a child.

3. Jeremiah now refuses to play in the mud and rather take bubble baths.

4. He still has not learned to swim, however, is comfortable with the water since he was the transformational gem which allows him to turn into a mer-evoloon and allows him to breathe underwater. 

5. Jeremiah was created the same day the group was created. And is one of the oldest Evoloons in existence.

6. Originally he was going to be mainly a celestial Evoloon, but now my goal for him is to unlock all/as many upgrades as possible. 

7. Jeremiah is a very social and loving Evoloon. He really cares for others and his one goal is to have friends and make them happy. Jeremiah, however, doesnt have many long lasting friendships. Hopefully, Karra and my giraffe evoloon will be with him forever.


Tagged by HitaKai
001 - Slayer {NPC} by IsomaraIndex

1. Originally Slayer was just going to be my fursona and was not apart of any sort of species. They used to look like this-  Slayer Outdated by SlayersStronghold

2. One of the biggest influences for Slayer's appearance and design was Guilmon from Digimon. The simple to color scheme plus the reoccurring symbols played a huge roll. Also, Dutch Angel Dragons were an inspiration too.

3. Slayer is a sort of tour guide for Isomara-Island They help around the island with all sorts of things and teach members about the island. 

4. Slayer once updated to her new design came to be the first Isomara ever created. Also, they were the first Isomara to have the mutation of being unsymmetrical. As Isomara are supposed to look the same on each side. (their markings on her paws are different)

5. Slayer is not very sociable and will most likely cut conversations short if you try to talk to her out of business. (very weird for the main NPC) 

6. Her favorite food is squid but do to being a large winged Iso she has a hard time catching them in water. 

7. She has a goom companion (don't cal it a pet!) named Joey (named after my friend who really likes Gooms) 

And at SentriesAries request, we have Attwell
Attwell - 0116 by ImpInc

1. Attwell was a custom Gacha-Imp I was gifted by the wonderful Pyromantiic Way back in August of 2015 I think.

2. I picked his palette but had no idea he would turn out this beautiful.

3. He used to have the goal of being the most well-rounded imp with the highest stats in everything, but he gave up that goal after he had his Daughters Elaina and Meltem. He realized that training himself and his daughters were wearing them down, so stopped forcing Elaina hiking with him.
4. Attwell then decided to be a stay at home father and just learning and raise Elaina, but soon after Elaina got a new home and Attwell went back to training in a little bit of everything.

5. Attwell well has had two sets of twins, all female. 

6. Between his 4 daughters, he has 17 grandchildren.

7. Was the third imp to show a lof of green on his pelt (first being Hazel and 2nd Aphrodite )

Not going to tag people because I find it to be a nuisance at times, so if you want to do it do it and choose an OC of yours, you don't spend much time with. 

I changed it from 8 facts to 7 cause im  a lazy butt who couldn't think of eight facts about my own ocs. Man am I interesting. 
Geo-Dragon Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2016  Student General Artist
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