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2017 Recap - Twas an Ok Year

Mon Jan 1, 2018, 12:29 PM
 Yearly Recaps were short journals I do yearly, as a way to reflect and look back on my year and the aspects of the year. 
    These journals included me talking about family, school, but mainly art.

    2017, an okay year, much better than 2016. Things online and in real life calmed down a lot. I made decisions to focus on myself and my well being and it did me wonders. I still fall into some minor depressive bouts, but since 2016 I've been pretty good. My uncle who I am living with had to go through a couple more rounds of chemo and radiation which caused myself, my boyfriend, and my two siblings some turmoil making sure he is okay. My mother is job hopping, but she is back to being clean. Not much else to say for early on in 2017. 

    I graduated in late September from The Art Institute, a huge milestone, and also just an overall amazing yet crazy feeling. I'm done with school, done with homework, it feels so weird.  I cannot believe that just three years prior to June of 2014 I graduated from high school. These past three years flew by not much has changed really. I mean look at me and pacings in these pics. Haha, same old punks. 

High school graduation     Vs.     College graduation 
Img 5041-001 by SlayersStronghold20170922 132655 by SlayersStronghold

    The school did teach me quite a lot but did not allow me to implement a lot of what I learned into the art and animations I had to make. This year I really want to put my degree to work!

    When it comes to my art I honestly think I didn't improve much throughout 2017. The school didn't have me making a lot of high-quality pieces as I was mainly working on my final animation project and prepping for the portfolio show and graduation. In 2017 I posted 380+ pieces of artwork most of it pertaining to art games and the likes which aren't bad, but I know that this was how it was for me in 2015. I rushed out tons of art and I want to change that.

    This year I want to focus on doing more architectural and hard surface digital work. More art with furniture, buildings, etc. I also want to try to do more animations or gifs. Maybe get back into making videos on YouTube again. In 2017 I had a huge love for low poly 3D artwork and making hand-painted textures for 3D models, so I'll want to do more of that this year too. I want to take me time with art, still of course do quick sketches, but really put my heart and soul into new things!

    In my 2016 recap, I talked about how I wanted to do more animations and draw more humans/humanoids. I think I pulled off that goal. Although my animations were minimal and the one major near six-minute animation I did for school hasn't seen the light of day due to us not finishing the audio issues I did do more animations and I did draw more humans/ humanoids. It really feels good to finally look back on what I planned for 2017 and see that I was able to accomplish what my past self-wanted. 

    Cheers to a new year everyone. I look forward to spending it all here of course! 

20170922 141553 by SlayersStronghold

Art Summary: 2017 by SlayersStronghold

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