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2016 Recap - Worst Year

Wed Jan 4, 2017, 11:59 AM
    Yearly Recaps were short journals I used to do yearly, as a way to reflect and look back on my year and the aspects of the year. 
    These journals included me talking about family, school, but mainly art. I had forgotten to do a 2015 and by the time I remembered I just decided to not do one, however, I believe it would be best for me to catalogue a summary fo 2016. 

    2016 was the worst year I have ever experienced. It started out rough. I began the year pumping out 15 individual pictures for a contest like things. Which I only had 48 hours to complete. The pictures required backgrounds and three individual OC's within each. It was tough, I recall having a breakdown and to top it off missed the ball drop and the fireworks with friends, there was other family stuff going on, so I won't get into that, but in summary that new years was a very lonely and broken one. 

    The next few months flew by. I was doing well in school like usual and working on groups as well as art and other things. 
    The year became bumpy around mid-late 2016. 
    Be warned I'm getting into some heavy stuff. 
    Now I moved out of my mom's home to live with my brother and uncle since they were closer to my college. Well, I found out my mother had relapsed on a variety of hard drugs. 11 years nearly clean and she lost it. The next couple months were hard, as even before I knew I could tell something was up. She was paranoid, about everything. She lost her job, lost our house, and eventually through those couple months lost my little sister, who know lives in another state. 
    My mom is getting better, but all of that took such a toll on my life, I had to give up my car, since she almost wrecked hers. I near had to quit school, thankfully didn't, but I did for the first time ever fail a class. It was difficult focusing on everything. 

    Other things online came up. Drama things, but hopefully are cleared now. Everything finally started to calm down in November. I had my 20th birthday, and eventually, the election did not turn out how I wanted (oh well ug). 
    In summary 2016, was a terrible year, for my art maybe not, but hopefully next year will be better. 
    I recall I wanted to do more art with backgrounds and shading and I believe I accomplished that. 
    In 2017 I want to focus more on animations and humans/humanoids. I spent way too long on animals, and not focusing on things I used to. I've found myself reverting to my interests and personality I once had when I was younger, and its making me feel better so cheers everyone to a new fresh and hopefully better 2017!

2016  Improvement by SlayersStronghold

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SlayersStronghold Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017  Student Digital Artist
In all honesty, I have been feeling a loss due to last year's events. Both my parents I rarely get to see, I don't really have a real room anymore since the one I have now is just a "rental", most of my stuff is in storage, so it's been a weird year since so many things have changed and I'm not used to it. 

Many people have also been pushing me to see a psychiatrist or something as I guess I might have mental issues. I'm barely an adult. I'm seen as rather responsible but I just wish I was still a kid. I never had a normal childhood. I lived with a drug addict mother until like 8yrs old. I don't even remember living in a stable house for a while and never had real friends until 7-8th grade. 

 I feel like as normal as a person can be. I don't have any medical disabilities (aside from being blind in one eye), and I don't think I have any mental conditions, I don't have to take any sort of drugs, I think I am fairing well, but who know this year was a giant roller coaster and for some odd reason me trying to pull back memories and feelings of nostalgia of things I've done years ago has helped. 

Becoming more Asocial again, along with leaving the house for a couple hours to walk by myself has done wonders, plus playing games and listening to music from years ago has really helped, but anytime I drive by my old neighborhood it just hits me like a brick. I never got to see my house empty before my mother lost it. Which is odd for me as I used to move once- twice a year and I used to always see the house empty, it gave me closer, and I guess I still don't have that. 
Ahhh excuse this rant, im actually really happy, aside from me still winding down on anxiety, 2016 was also the first time i ever felt depression or crippling anxiety before. It was very odd.
All in all im doing a lot better, I still have a great family and friends. I still got my hands to create art, and my smarts to better myself in life. :)
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January 4, 2017