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Isomara: White Fur



If you can't read what's above:

      Isomara are also known for their plush white manes, but you know there is other parts on them that is always white and just as soft?
      The fluff in the ears underside of the Puff, Tuft, Stub, and Fan. The long tail needs to be mostly white. Where the long tail meets the body can have color, but the rest of the tail needs to be white. Other tails do not have mandatory whites.

      Other areas that must be white are horns, claws, teeth, and the feathers on an Isos wings. Scleras of the eyes need to be white unless your Iso has the rare colored sclera trait or black sclera special trait. The mandatory white can be off white. Creams, very light greys, etc. are allowed as long as all the whites are one single color. Dyed Whites are a special trait.

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does the fin tail have mandatory whites?