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Isomara Species Trait Guide



This deviation lists the traits that Standard and Duestrum Isomara's can have. If you want to get to know the species more read Species Information Journal!

Bullet; Green - Common   ||   Bullet; Yellow - Uncommon   ||   Bullet; Orange - Rare 

Isomara Basics: 
Isomara Species Information
Isomara: White Fur by SlayersStronghold Isomara: Anthro Vs. Feral by SlayersStronghold Isomara: Flyers Vs. Swimmers by SlayersStronghold Isomara: Isoling Growth by SlayersStronghold

Traits Explained-

Bullet; Green - Common: Normal sized fluffy ears, Isomaras have full movement of ears like a canine would. These can be drawn less fluffy if you'd like. For example the first refs have common ears, and they are less fluffy than the example picture. Feel free to stylize.
Bullet; Yellow - Bat: One of the fewer furrier types of ears. They still have a small tuft of fur on the inside. Bat ears are a hybrid between standard and long ears.
Bullet; Yellow - Long: Anywhere from twice to four times longer than standard ears. They also have a little swirl of hair at the end. They are less furry than standard ears.
Bullet; Orange - Fold: The tips touch the head. They cannot stand up and are not fluffy.
Bullet; Orange - Flop: Looks like the end of the ears won't stand up. 
Bullet; Orange - Perked: Large rabbit-like ears. They are soft to the touch. Isomara with these ears can freely move them up, down, and all around.

Bullet; Green - Common: These are placed directly on top of the head of an Isomara, must be a set, and can come in any shape or size. Must be symmetrical!
Bullet; Yellow - Brows: Round horns placed near the eyebrows. They also come in a set and are always ovalish in shape, they hand be small and nubby or slightly sharp. 
Bullet; Yellow - Bud: Small nubby horns placed on top of the nostrils.
Bullet; Yellow - Uni: Placed in the center of the forehead, can be smaller, or larger, can be altered in shape and curve. This Horn can be altered to look like a beetle's horn.
Bullet; Yellow - Rhino: same as the Uni except placement is on the muzzle.
Bullet; Orange - Spiked: Takes the place of the fluffy cheeks. An Isomara can have between 1-3 of those horns on its cheek.
Bullet; Orange - Finned Spiked: Another version of the Spiked Horns which have webbing connecting them. There is always 3 spikes.

Isomaras can have different combinations of horns. (ex. you could have the common horns, a uni horn, and a rhino horn.)
Only the common horns can have two sets. This is a special traits called dual horns.

Bullet; Green - Long: The long tail is short haired with a fluffy tuft. This tail is often seen more with anthro Isomaras but is common in both body types.
Bullet; Green - Whap: A shorter tail that is similar to that of a kangaroo's. These tails have short fur and are not very bendable.
Bullet; Green - Puff: The puff is medium size tail very fluffy and used often as a pillow for smaller companions. The puff can be longer, but never as long as the Long tail type.
Bullet; Yellow - Scorpio: A hybrid tail between the puff and long tail types. The Scorpio tail is NOT a stinger! It merely has puff like segments and at the end a wisp of fur. The number of puffs on this tail can be anywhere from 3-6 then the wisp at the end.
Bullet; Yellow - Stub: Short and very much like the tuft tail except it points straight out and never curls. The motions it makes is like a boxer or Rottweiler dog with a docked tail. They waggle.
Bullet; Yellow - Tuft: Literally a short tuft of fluff at the butt. It is curved and very fluffy. Like a bunny tail.
Bullet; Yellow - Fishy: A thick fatty tail with fins that can appear in different places and have different styles.
Bullet; Yellow - Prawn: A small shrimp-like tail. This tail is near identical to the Whap tail but has plate armor on the top and some extra bits on the end.
Bullet; Orange - Fin: The fin tail is a long tail with instead of a tuft of fur has fins. This type of tail is more seen on Swimmers but is still rare none the less.
Bullet; Orange - Fan: A spread of feathers make up this tail
Bullet; Orange - Duster: A long furry tail where all the fur flows downward
Bullet; Orange - Mako: A long and thick tail that sways with much force. 
Bullet; Orange - Lobster: A larger version of the prawn tail with a fluffier underside. To counter the weight of the tail the top plate armor extends slightly up the base of the tail to the lower part of the spine.

Eyes: All eye traits with pupils can have any colored pupils, they can be darker or lighter than the iris.
Bullet; Green - Common: Colored iris and white sclera. 
Bullet; Yellow - Pupilless: Colored iris and white sclera this trait has no pupil.
Bullet; Yellow - Central Heterochromia: A ring of another color around the pupil. The iris color and the ring can be a completely different hue.
Bullet; Orange - Colored scleras: A Rare trait that depicts the whites of the eyes as another color. A combination of this trait plus no pupil, for example, is possible. Scleras cannot be black/near black. Black Scleras are a special trait.
Bullet; Orange - Layered: Layered eyes depict two-three colored horizontally layered in the iris. The Pupils can also be layered with 2-3 colors too.

Body Extras:
Bullet; Orange - Frills: Exchange your fluffy cheeks for light fins
Bullet; Green - Whiskers: Like a fish or like a cat whiskers can appear in many places on an Isomara's face.
Bullet; Orange - Crest: extending from the top of the head to the base of the neck. This trait can smoothly transition into the Back fin if both traits are present.
Bullet; Orange - Backfin: The back fin is aplaced along the spine in between the wings of an Isomara. There are always three spines and this trait is rare for both flyers and swimmers.
Bullet; GreenBullet; Yellow - Back leg fins have two rarities. I recommend reading the Flyers Vs. Swimmers sheet in case this doesn't make sense. back legs fins are common for swimmer Isomara to have and uncommon for flyers. There are always 3 spines along the back of the calf.
Bullet; YellowBullet; Orange - Front leg fins are uncommon for swimmers and rare for flyers. There are always 3 spines along the forearm.
Bullet; Yellow - Spine: spike like protrusions all along the spine of an Iso and can be extended down the tail. Spines can have many different styles.
Bullet; Orange - Filoplumes are these long feathery like things protruding from next to the base of the tail. They are mainly for accessorizing or to impress. They are not prehensile and do not act like tails.

Special Traits: These are additional traits all Isomara can earn through many ways.

World Map:                                                    
Isomara Island Map by SlayersStronghold

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