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Isomara: Flyers Vs. Swimmers



This sheet is to explain the differences between an Isomara more skilled at flying and one more skilled at swimming.
Flyer and Swimmer Isomara are not different breeds they are just simply different traits of a Standard Isomara.

Flyers and swimmers have little differences between them. Before I get into those here are things all Isomara have and are proficient in. 
Isomara are semi aquatic fluffy dragons. They can all fly and they can all swim. They have a large chest cavity so they can fill their lungs with air for maximum time under water. Standard Isomara and Duestrum Isomara do not have gills.

The classification of Flyer and Swimmers are terms to explain which things an Isomara is more skilled at. 

    Flyers are Isomara more adept (skilled) at flying. The webbing in between the claws which all Isomaras have is scarce on them. It is not very visible unless you really spread those claws. A main thing that makes them a flyer is their noticeably longer and bigger wings. They tend to have more layers of feathers. Flyers can fly longer, and reach greater heights. Flyers are also less commonly seen with fin traits. Without those webbed toes and fins you cannot swim fast. Also the large wings will weigh you down. Deep sea diving is pretty difficult for flyers.

    Swimmers have more webbing to push and paddle through strong currents allowing them to be quicker underwater. Their wings are much smaller with fewer layers and feathers. Isomara with fin traits more commonly grow up having smaller wings. Fins are useful as they can act as a parachute and slow them down. 
    Being a swimmer means that you are gonna have to work harder if you want to soar above the clouds. You'll often see swimmer Isomaras gliding about as their wings get tired of flapping about. 

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