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Isomara: Anthro Vs. Feral



This sheet is to explain the differences between an Anthro and a Feral Isomara.
Anthro and Feral Isomara are not different breeds they are just simply different traits of a Standard Isomara.

Anthro Isomara = Bipedal
Walks on its back two legs 

Feral Isomara = Quadrupedal
Walks on all fours

For any one who cannot read the information above:

Isomara Anatomy - Head to Toe:
• Dragon like heads
• Nostril slits (They do not have canine noses!)
• Mane covered neck
• Large chest cavity
• Wings (There are two types large and small read Flyers Vs. Swimmers for more info)
• Thin arms
• Paws are HUGE
 Four (4) claws on front paws & three (3) on back paws
• Covered in short fur
• Feathered wings

 World Map:
Isomara Species Trait Guide by SlayersStronghold              Isomara Island Map by SlayersStronghold
Other Reads about Isomaras:
Isomara: Isoling Growth by SlayersStronghold Isomara: Flyers Vs. Swimmers by SlayersStronghold Isomara: White Fur by SlayersStronghold

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Isomaras are part of an ARPG! An ARPG is an Art Role playing Game. Check out the group for more information!

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(just a little typo on your image there)
Anyways, nice species! Good luck on developing them!