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Hashas Hut Interior by SlayersStronghold Hashas Hut Interior by SlayersStronghold
Drawn on: June 30th - July 10th, 2017

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As you can tell when I have to do perspective and architecture it always takes me a long time.
Hasha and her hut. This is her home, it tends to be messier especially in the in-house garden. Feel free to imagine other things like more vines, dirt, clutter, coconut shells all over if you ever happen to draw her hut. The size of it is roughly 13 feet long by 10ft wide and 9 feet tall give or take a foot. The doorway is twice as wide as the average room door.

Hasha's Hut
Hasha's Hut
Knocking on the frame of the open front door you then lean over and look into the hut. The one window in the back was covered with palm fronds allowing near no light in. When you peer in you see a purple Isomara sitting at a stump. Her name is Hasha, she calls herself a witch docter, one who delves into odd spiritual and divine magical aspects of life. A lot of the things she creates baffle most. You may think it's cool. You may think it's just plain weird, however, either way some of the things she creates are very useful to the species and the community.
"Hello?" You snap back into reality. You see Hasha looking at you confused. You walk in and sit at her stump across from her. You then inquire into the items Hasha has. She hands you a piece of parchment with a written menu with some scribbles.
If you wish to cr
Hashas Hut Basic by SlayersStronghold     Take Your Time by SlayersStronghold

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