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This little guy has taken Twitter and Pokemon Go by storm, literally! It was either a leaked new Pokemon, or just a model placeholder for Kecleon, but the minute it showed up, everyone fell in love with it, me included.

A full digital version will be coming out later today!
Made this on Tumblr, and I figured I'd post it on here too, to get it spread out more. These can apply to OCs you make for roleplay, fanfiction, gaming, or even writing original stories of your own.

1. Look at your character and ask yourself "Will people want to read about this person? Will they seem interesting to my readers? Will they be able to relate to them?" If the answer might be no to any of those, work on it.

2. If your character has no impact on the story, makes no difference in it, and anything they've done could have been achieved without them, do not add them in.

3. Do not make your character some "edgy" brooding lone wolf who refuses any and all help and interaction and goes it alone. That is not original, and it is not something readers want to suffer through.

4. Overpowered does NOT equal badass. It shows a lack of care given to your character and laziness. Nobody wants to see a character stomp through enemies and canon characters with ease, as that defeats the purpose of the struggle and destroys any semblance of tension that could have been had.

5. Your character is not a special snowflake. There is no reason to place them on a pedestal over others, or put emphasis on any special traits they may have. They are not better than the canon characters of the fanfic you're writing about.

6. If your character is a teenager, they're not going to have fifteen different skills that they've mastered and an unparalleled mastery of a weapon or multiple weapons. Mastering even one skillset or weapon takes years of practice, more than one would take an entire lifetime.

7. Think about the situations you throw your character in, and ask yourself how you would react in those situations. Honesty lends credibility.

8. Do not give your character a "troubled" history unless it's going to come into play as a major plot point. If you do something like killing off their parents or family to make them have a dark backstory, either follow up on it and have them affected by this traumatizing event, or drop it entirely. Treat the event for what it is, and make it affect your character properly.

9. Give your character a goal, something they're trying to reach. If your character is just there for the ride, get rid of them, it'll no different without them. Have them work towards something so your readers can root for them and hope they succeed, or fail.

10. Give your characters personality. Give them likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams, emotions, opinions, make them hate one thing, and love another. Make them feel like an actual person, so we're not just reading about some emotionless doll.

11. Avoid making them related to canon characters. There’s no reason to do so other than to try and make your OC “connected” to the canon characters in some way. Unless you can pull it off well, make it believable, and have it set firmly in an AU, do not do this, it’s stupid and cliche.

12. Try to make them FIT in the world you’re making them for. Whether it be for a show, book, movie or game, make sure your OC follows the rules of that media. Otherwise why even bother? Your OC is meant to feel like they belong, don’t deviate from the rules of whatever you’re making them for just because you want to or don’t like the rules.

I LOVED the film. I can easily see why it got critical acclaim. Things started out a lot faster than most Godzilla films, and that surprised me. We jumped right into the plot without much buildup. I didn't have an issue with reading the subtitles and watching what was happening, though the names of people and what department they were part of DID fly past. Not a bad thing, that's just what happens when you watch movies that aren't dubbed.

I DO wish that the text on screens and whatnot were translated. Toho, why?!

Let's address the most discussed topic of the film; Godzilla. Specifically, his design and three forms.

Godzilla's design DID NOT BOTHER ME. None of his three forms did, nor the ending. Why? Because in the end, it still captured the essence of what Godzilla is, what he's capable of, and the fact that man's pretty much powerless to stop him. It still held the message of nuclear testing and man's hubris, just with the issues Modern Japan faces added in this time.

It reinvented Godzilla, and I'm OK with it. It kept his core aspects while adding in new things, just like each bundle of Godzilla films did in the past, just like Legendary did. I DID have an issue with his feet (shocking, I know). I don't like how he stands on the balls of his feet. It's weird.

Also, I DID NOT MIND HIS ARMS. With this Godzilla, he mutated and evolved based on the situation. He did not experience a situation in which he needed his arms, and besides, Godzilla's ALWAYS had small arms. Just like the T-Rex which he was based off of.

I LOVED THE ODO ISLAND REFERENCE! I also found it BRILLIANT how they explained the name Godzilla within the film itself.

While I didn't understand all the struggles of Japanese Bureaucracy, due to being American and not knowing how they run things over there, I think they best showed how things work when they're relaying the message near the beginning, when Godzilla's near the train tracks. The message "Civilians present. Can we fire?" goes from the Surveyor through three others before it finally reaches the Prime Minister's room.

I DID get sick of them going from meeting to meeting though rather quickly, but that's not because of the movie, it's because of how the Japan handles politics. It reminded me a bit of GMK, where they kept having to wait for confirmation, wait for the cabinet to make a decision, etc. The Prime Minister in the film seemed really over his head, even before Godzilla showed up, and seemed really unsure.

As for characters? I like Rando Yaguchi. He's logical, a little snarky, and is the audience surrogate for taking potshots at the Japanese Bureaucracy. He's a cool dude. It actually touched me when he took a minute to say a prayer before leaving after seeing the destruction Godzilla caused during his first rampage.

I also enjoyed the team that was assembled to stop him.

Another thing that got to me was when Godzilla tries to climb up that building in the beginning. In the clips I've seen on YouTube, with the married couple getting ready to leave, I never noticed that the father was tending to his son right beforehand. Makes it all the more real when Godzilla knocks the building over and crushes it. Same with seeing the scenes of the people in the shelters.

I liked the impending countdown to doom, reminded me of Return of Godzilla/Godzilla 1985. What's interesting to note is that in Return of Godzilla, the Prime Minister was able to convince the other countries NOT to nuke Godzilla by asking them "Gentlemen, if Godzilla appeared in Washington, or in Moscow, would you be willing to use nuclear weapons, knowing that many of your own people would be killed?"

Yet in Shin Godzilla, Hideki Akasaka, aid to the PM, says that America said that if Godzilla were in NY, they'd still bomb him. My, how times change, eh?

Of course, there's a few things I have to complain about, but they're minor nitpicks. I wish Persecution of the Masses was used more than just once in the beginning attack. I would have enjoyed seeing a montage of the destruction wrought by Godzilla to that song.

I also DO wish that Godzilla wasn't so static. His tail could have used more movement, along with the rest of his body. I would have also liked to see more of the overall destruction and how people were coping with it, similar to how it was done in the original Godzilla film.

Well, there's my review. I'm sure I'll have more to add later when I've thought on the film more, but that's all I have for now. It easily deserves the praise it's given.

Oh man, I'm excited. It feels the same as the original series, albeit with cleaner lines, smoother animation, and a darker tone. It's definitely set the bar high so far, and I enjoyed it greatly. I even got a good laugh out of it.

Now, beyond this point are spoilers, so read at your own risk.

I love how Jack has PTSD and is suffering from guilt. The scene of him hallucinating his parents and people at the river was done well. I loved how the music suddenly cut off when both leaves fell, before they all did.

I also firmly believe that the apparition he keeps seeing is the man responsible for Jack losing his sword. What I think is he defeated Jack, and forced him to retreat. Jack is haunted by this memory, as the battle cost him his sole hope against Aku, the one thing that could defeat him; his sword.

I also believe that Ashi will turn against her sisters and cult and join Jack. Scaramouch was just fantastic, and a small part of me hopes he'll return at least once more, since his head survived.

One of the defining moments in the episode was at the beginning, after Jack defeated the beetle robots. He doesn't even bother looking at the mother and children he saved, doesn't even say anything. He destroys Aku's robots and leaves.

That alone says SO MUCH about how Jack's changed. Compare that scene to any other scene in the series where he saves someone, and you'll see the major difference in personality and attitude.

I have high hopes for this final series and I'm hoping for a satisfying ending to it too.
Got a headache, sore throat, stuffed up nose, and to top it all off, the allergies are rolling in. I'm going to be VERY miserable these next few days.
Oh God, someone prevent me from ever drawing again! The hands! The feet! The proportions are all horrifying! Granted I drew them late in the night, 2-5 AM, when I was 16, but still!

There are some passable ones though. I found some old concepts for one of my favorite drawings of all time, but sadly that was lost when I let a friend borrow the drawing for his original story, and it got lost. R.I.P. original Avdima, you will be sorely missed.

If I can find a scanner, I'll upload them all on here, otherwise I'll have to take crappy pictures of them with my phone. Still, memories are memories, for good or for ill.
So, waaay back in 2010, my mother had bought the game Monster Hunter Tri when it came out, because she thought it looked interesting. Rather quickly, my younger brother and I took it over.

I, to my everlasting amusement, decided to make a dark skinned character with silver eyes and black hair, and named him Akordia. Of course, this made him look blind, and my brother and I rolled with it, saying he was blind, and could still hunt with the best of them, because he was just that cool.

Even more amusing is when we both did the Arena hunts together. I'm better with a Bowgun than a Greatsword, and we decided to expand the joke, saying that he could use a Bowgun accurately because he was just that badass.

The recurring joke was (and still is) "I've got it in my sights", in which the group he travels with, a woman who uses the Lance, the unofficial leader who uses a Longsword, and the rookie who uses the Sword and Shield, turn slowly and look at him.

One day, I may just dedicate a fanfic to Akordia and his group, just because it'd be pretty funny.

Oh God, this fanfic. THIS FANFIC.

So, I took a break from writing today to take a nap and watch some Godzilla films with my older brother over at his apartment, while his girlfriend was at work.

When I got back at 11 PM, I messed around a bit until 12, so I could wish some people a Merry Christmas Eve (Happy Merry Christmas Eve by the way), and I found a funny little fanfic recommended on TV Tropes. Naturally, it was called Hello! My name is Ruby Rose.


This fanfic is beautiful! It's psychological horror, and it's FANTASTIC. I'd like to highly recommend giving it a read, and keep going, even if it seems to just be repeating itself and getting stale. I promise you, it gets better (worse) as the chapters go on.

Don't read the reviews until the newest chapter, or if you do, don't read my latest review. I'm The Dark Deceiver, so skip over mine until you're done.

Darkesper, I think this fanfic has tied itself up there with yours in the horror/tragedy factor.
Yep, I'm going to be writing a tried and true fanfic of Darkesper's Grimm Tales. He knows this and has given me permission to. Probably. Hopefully, lol.

Unlike my random little spinoff story which I've been working and reworking on, this will be an actual fullblown fanfic. What's more, I'm VERY excited for this project. I mean, I'm so excited to write this that I'd be doing it right now, if I didn't have to sleep, since I have a dentist appointment in the morning.

HOWEVER, once I get back, I'll immediately start on it, and it'll be posted on here. Knowledge of Grimm Tales is going to be required, but since most of y'all who will read it have already read it, it should be fine.
After two weeks of the local phone company dicking around, I finally have internet again! Moved into the new apartment with no issue, and it's QUIET. Finally, a perfect place for me to write in peace!

The place is indefinitely better than the old apartment, and next to the town cemetery! Sadly, no clowns to be seen, but we'll hold out on the hope one is spotted, so we can go clown hunting.
So yeah, pretty damn excited to get out of my old crappy apartment I've lived in for a year, which no insulation, bedbugs and cockroaches in the other apartments, and crappy nutjob neighbors!

Won't have internet for at most 2-3 days when transferring to the new apartment.

Currently packing up the rest of the stuff, just waiting for 4 PM to roll around to sign the lease, then start moving stuff in.

Glad to finally be out of this dump.
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From what I’ve seen so far, I like it. It’ll definitely take some getting used to for the change in animation software, but it shouldn’t be too bad. The animation is smooth and fluid, and I was entertained by what I watched.

I could never tell which scenes Monty animated and which scenes he didn’t, so I was never bothered by Volume Three’s fights. This largely stems from me watching so many 3D animated fights on YouTube, so it all kind of blended together for me. Volume Four, however, is more fluid, smooth, and not as awkwardly clunky or slow, and I like it.

The character designs are great so far, which isn’t saying much since we only got to see Ruby in action. I doubt Weiss, Blake, and Yang are completely finished, which is why they look so gameish, but I have full faith that they’ll look better when properly animated and rendered, and we actually see them up and moving about.

For now, I have high hopes for it. I’ll wait until I actually see Volume Four to make a judgement call, but I’m sure it’ll meet my expectations.

RWBY Related:

I do not believe Tai's the cowardly lion. In fact, I believe we're going to eventually see the Cowardly Lion. Let's look at the others, shall we?

Ozpin: Wizard of Oz.
Glynda Goodwitch: Glinda, The Good Witch.
James Ironwood: The Tin Man.
Qrow: The Scarecrow.

Their names are allegories to what they allude to. Yes, even Ironwood, as the original name for the Tin Man was The Tin Woodman. His name still matches.

Taiyang Xiao Long translates to Supreme Sun Dragon, nothing to do with the Cowardly Lion. This is just what I personally believe, based off evidence within the show and my own knowledge of the original book from 1900, not the more modern ones now days.