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The Ice Lord of Temra



Hoo man, this took a lot of work. I started this at 7:09 PM yesterday, and finished it tonight at 7:50. It was a long, tedious, and painful process, but I'm proud of it. Some of the details on the belt got a bit screwy, but I'm not too bothered by it. Decided to leave the eyes out, as I couldn't get them right, and I left out the details on the mask, because it wound up looking too silly.

This is a character from an old late 90s show, Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog. Meet the Ice Lord of Temra. While the show itself was nothing to write about, besides some sweet Celtic music, it was the toy and action figures that came of it that really were awesome!

Did you know that there is NO artwork of this guy at all anywhere on the Internet? I'm serious! I literally looked everywhere for any art, no matter how good or bad, or how obscure, and found NOTHING. That's largely why this came into being, the Ice Lord is cool and deserves art.
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That's actually not too shabby, man. Makin' progress!