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Crow Brushes Pack I

This is the second of my Jasc Paint Pro Studio brush sets. I worked hard on this, so I hope this helps people! :D The original bird stocks came from this [link] . I hope this helps some of you!

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Just what I was looking for. You're an angel ^^
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:love: Thank you so much these are great!
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Thank you. :thanks: I'm glad you like them.

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Would be nice in .pspBrush format.. definitely doesn't work with PSPX.. nothing but big dots
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I am so sorry it doesn't work. I wish there was something I could do. :shrug:

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^^Thx, yeah u did
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How do you open the brush tab thing?
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You insert the brush-files that download into the brushes folder of your Paint Shop Pro folder. Then they should appear in your brushes tab on the program. If I didn't answer your question, just jot me a more specific comment. :postit:

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For PSP?? I can't even OPEN it.
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You need to save the brush files your Paint Shop Pro Studio file folder under the Brushes folder. THEN you can open PSP and use the brushes because they will appear on your brushes tab. Let me know if you have anymore problems. :heart:

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thank you so much for making these!
it'll look great with my web designing!, and as always i will credit =]
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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! :thanks: I appreciate it so much! :D

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:worship: You're my new best friend! I've been looking for a brush set like this that I could actually USE! :aww: Thank you!
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No problem... I got fed up with all the crow/raven brush sets being for Adobe... so I said HECK! I'll just make my own! I knew that their had to be other deviants frustrated like me... so I decided to put them out there! I hope they help you out! Don't forget to site them down on your work so other PSP users can find them too! :giggle:
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thank you, they're pretty!
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Thanks a lot, I worked pretty hard on them! Thanks a bunch for :+fav: ing them and adding me to you :+devwatch: list! I'm all happy and flattered! :blush:
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oh, you're welcome!:)
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Yay!! These are awesome!!
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Thank you so much! I worked hard on them! I use them in quite a bit of my pieces.
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i :heart: the crows =D
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You're welcome. I got sick of all the crow brushes being for Phototshop, soo I made my own! :nod:
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You're welcome. I liked making them! :D
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