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Campyre by Slayer-of-Eternity Campyre :iconslayer-of-eternity:Slayer-of-Eternity 2 1 Fleaf by Slayer-of-Eternity Fleaf :iconslayer-of-eternity:Slayer-of-Eternity 2 1 Desolate Watcher by Slayer-of-Eternity Desolate Watcher :iconslayer-of-eternity:Slayer-of-Eternity 4 0 Tough Love by Slayer-of-Eternity Tough Love :iconslayer-of-eternity:Slayer-of-Eternity 18 1 GASTER - God of Permadeath by Slayer-of-Eternity GASTER - God of Permadeath :iconslayer-of-eternity:Slayer-of-Eternity 4 0 Catnip by Slayer-of-Eternity Catnip :iconslayer-of-eternity:Slayer-of-Eternity 5 1 The Darkness Tribute by Slayer-of-Eternity The Darkness Tribute :iconslayer-of-eternity:Slayer-of-Eternity 15 0
Tales from the Silent - 2 - Cupid's Errow
Cupid arches his bow, aiming with precision, accounting for the wind, all variables solved in his head. Through the air cut an arrow, down into the streets of London. Perfectly timed to dodge people almost in the path, the arrow struck into the heart of Jess, seated on a bench. She looked up to see a man sitting on a bench across from her. She’d never noticed him before, but for whatever reason, he caught her attention now. He looked up, caught her glance, and she gave him a smile and a wave.
Cupid charged a second shot, and let loose, flying toward the second target. Dave began to lift his hand, wondering, only for a second, who this woman was. The arrow flew up and over the city, in a perfect curve. Cupid, ready to see his handiwork complete, flapped his wings in excitement. The tiny gust created by his movement was enough to offset the final destination of the arrow.
Dave lifted his hand high, giving a happy wave, packaged with a shy smile. A taller man walked in front of him,
:iconslayer-of-eternity:Slayer-of-Eternity 0 0
Tales from the Silent - 1 - Modern Pangea
The day the earth reformed was the last for the lot of us. The ignorance and fear of others drove civilization as we know into a downward exploding spiral. The world leaders proposed an idea, and the walls went up. With the walls, happenings in one country were forbidden to be heard of in another, along with transportation and exportations across borders. Each country became solitude islands where the “What happens here, stays here” rule is in full, militarily supervised effect twenty-four seven.
“The News” became information found only on the black market, because, as stated directly from the head of illegal trade, “Connection is the sole ingredient to knocking down the walls and reunite humanity”. Unfortunately for him, the countries did not agree with his insubordination, and thus, he was found pretty quickly. With that event, the walls were sealed in all ways, countries forgot about each other, attending only to their problems, the world grew lon
:iconslayer-of-eternity:Slayer-of-Eternity 2 0
Films From Nowhere by Slayer-of-Eternity Films From Nowhere :iconslayer-of-eternity:Slayer-of-Eternity 3 3 Order by Slayer-of-Eternity Order :iconslayer-of-eternity:Slayer-of-Eternity 10 0 When Viruses Meet by Slayer-of-Eternity When Viruses Meet :iconslayer-of-eternity:Slayer-of-Eternity 1 2 Of Three Evils by Slayer-of-Eternity Of Three Evils :iconslayer-of-eternity:Slayer-of-Eternity 11 3 Wolf by Slayer-of-Eternity Wolf :iconslayer-of-eternity:Slayer-of-Eternity 4 0 Dubstep by Slayer-of-Eternity Dubstep :iconslayer-of-eternity:Slayer-of-Eternity 4 0 Typhlosion Recolor Sprite by Slayer-of-Eternity Typhlosion Recolor Sprite :iconslayer-of-eternity:Slayer-of-Eternity 1 0

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Lugia Skeleton by Chibi-Pika Lugia Skeleton :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 856 63 Lucario Skeleton by Chibi-Pika Lucario Skeleton :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 836 128 Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario Bros by cezkid Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario Bros :iconcezkid:cezkid 3,257 507 Tard the Grumpy Cat by GantzAistar Tard the Grumpy Cat :icongantzaistar:GantzAistar 831 107 Tard the Grumpy Cat by maXKennedy Tard the Grumpy Cat :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 1,752 215 Battle scene by TEnmoom Battle scene :icontenmoom:TEnmoom 172 3 Mole Monster by MattKatz Mole Monster :iconmattkatz:MattKatz 64 3 Before the Slay Ride by CoranKizerStone Before the Slay Ride :iconcorankizerstone:CoranKizerStone 3,823 436 Sony Santa Monica Art test by Robotpencil Sony Santa Monica Art test :iconrobotpencil:Robotpencil 242 8 The CellBurger In-The-Making by billybob884 The CellBurger In-The-Making :iconbillybob884:billybob884 29 5 PKMN: Mystery Dungeon Meme by Zilleniose PKMN: Mystery Dungeon Meme :iconzilleniose:Zilleniose 853 170 Festive Dream Land by Torkirby Festive Dream Land :icontorkirby:Torkirby 626 67 Meta Knight Unmasked! Again! by ssbbforeva Meta Knight Unmasked! Again! :iconssbbforeva:ssbbforeva 212 63 Land of the living sorrow. by DoodleWill Land of the living sorrow. :icondoodlewill:DoodleWill 54 5 Soon. by DoodleWill Soon. :icondoodlewill:DoodleWill 21 17


Fakemon for a game I'm working on, if anyone's interested in helping please PM me.
So Begins Anew.


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