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September 5, 2010
FitLife by *Slawa
Most of us can say that at some point in our lives we or someone we know has been on a diet and struggled with the idea that in order to live a "healthier" life, we must give up some of the things we love. (Note that healthier is in quotation marks because spoken of in this way, it is a very relative term.)
(Also suggested by: =Flame-of-the-Phoenix and *Ziki37)
Featured by Shalora
Suggested by Helewidis
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c0rwyn's avatar
Great concept. Lovely shot.  
Homerstrikesback's avatar
That´s a great work.
Nonsolum's avatar
Lets get epicurean !
So, as you're also a sweet visual delight in which we take pleasure...that's a good beginning to reach the "Garden"...
kimmicon's avatar
This is great. I struggle with staying fit. Im natrally a small person but my body has made babies and its just easiler to grab a cookie than makeing a salad. Its also hard to make the time to workout when theres a millon other mommy things to do... Ima get there tho. Your body is great by the way, do you workout regularlly? What's your routine like, if you dont mind me asking?
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stujitsu's avatar
This is still my favorite of everything in your gallery.
archseer's avatar
very well done!! oh, and grats on the DD, late yes, but .. credit where it's due ;)
DaimoNxx's avatar
Deliciously. Btw, sweet plaits 
hamocker's avatar
Little House on the prairie *_*
mpz28's avatar
nice pic Love Clap 
ChrisGritti's avatar
beautiful composition!  I need to take this message to heart.  :)
brilliant imagery, I love the provocation. I've studied nutrition and diet for years, and I know what you mean.

Nicely done.
Slawa's avatar
NeuroticRain's avatar
I love this concept, never seen this before :)
Ykabuga's avatar
Oh this  briliant! It really shows how we compete with enjoy and appreance in today's world.
Galinas-Claim's avatar
Ha ha!  Very funny, but also very true in its provocation.  Nicely done!
Zwiezda's avatar
o, a jednak zdarzają się jakieś ciekawe zdjęcia niż tylko wygięte plecy. Szkoda że takie stare. Ale i tak favnę.
Slawa's avatar
Zwiezda's avatar
I said, that wow, it happens that you have some more interesting pictures, not only pictures with bent back and teddy bear. And that it is a pity that you don't anymore more.
Wicked-Detective's avatar
Another great idea, and a beautiful picture.
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