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Seamless Rope



Looked for a rope-making resource and couldn't find anything that was quite what I was looking for, so decided to make this instead. All the rope brushes I could find are too transparent and can't really be "brushed" with anyway.

It's a single segment of rope that has been made seamless so that it can be strung together endlessly to create ropes however long you need. It can be resized and recolored easily with Hue/Saturation adjustment layers.

I've noticed that when I shrink the size of the rope, a small bit of white appears between the segments when PS snaps the layers together. I have no idea how to correct that. lol So just use your arrow keys to nudge the layer a pixel or two over and it will blend in nicely again.

The bottom cyan colored rope in the preview was bent with the warp function - I'm sure there's lots of possibility there for making your own rope curves!

Two files in Zip - one PSD and one PNG.

Free to use for anything, no need for credit - But I would love to see what you do with it!
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Thank you so much!