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Nexus 4 .PSD

Nexus 4 .PSD

File info
- 2420x2139 Resolution
- 38 Layers
- 8 Groups
- 9.4 Mb .psd
- 4.7 Mb .zip

Wallpaper [link]

License CC-BY (Creative Commons)
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Thanks for the PSD, great presentation.
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Used here [link] and linked back to here.
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Excellent! Just what I was looking for. Much appreciated!
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What the, can't open ur file with photoshopCS6 PC :(
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Thx dude, usefull for my mockups
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you saved me! thank you!
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Thanks dud used it here :) [link]
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Thanks a lot ;)
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lol this is great but they re using apple shty strategies like putting small memory an no sd and 100$ moar for 16gb more
pls see my collection
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Because Google is trying to push everything to the cloud. You don't need more than 16Gb when you follow their philosophy, like I do.

And $350 for their flagship is still a bit less than $650 for that of Apple :p
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remember that 16gb means 11-13 to be able to use, sd card is a great thing because it will never lose data if phone breaks
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you are forgetting that the sd-card can break with your phone.. what will you do if you loose the phone?.. gl finding that micro-sd. And on top of that.. a microSD card can fuck up and suddently it won't be recongnized. 16GB phones are more than enough, just learn to use it.
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Freaking awesome!!! Just what i was looking for! Thanks a lot!
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wallpaper link?
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Amazing well done! :clap:
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