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United States
Hello you beautiful artist!

I am a professional short fiction writer, an aspiring comic artist, and an occasional constructor of plushies and collages. Most of the work you'll see in my gallery will be concept art for my various story ideas, as well as crafts and old projects for classes. I also participate in many DA contests and art trades, so you'll be seeing plenty of characters belonging to my fellow Deviants!

Night Terrors III:…

The Mammoth Book of Dieselpunk:…

Bad Neighborhood:…

Man Behind The Mask:…

Stories of the Dead:…

Thank you for visiting my gallery! Any critiques, comments, questions and suggestions are more than appreciated!

Hello you beautiful artists! 

Every year after my birthday, I host a feature for everyone who wished me a happy b-day, gave me a gift, llama, or points. Yesterday was a pretty glum and lonely day for me, but getting to log on and see all the well wishes really lifted my spirits! This is such a sweet community full of such supportive people, and I'm really happy to be a part of it. :heart: 

Take a moment and check out these amazing pieces, and if you have a chance, please let their creators know how much you enjoy them! 

Crossing Girls - Carmen by theJfluffy  Legendary God Rohan Chapter 47: Gamon's Battle Pt2Legendary God Rohan
Chapter 46: Gamon’s Battle Part 2
Disclaimer: Original idea and story created by me. Please do not take any characters, idea, or plot from this story and use it for your own art or story without my consent thank you.
Sumobuhm returned back to the hideout carrying the prison capsule and ran happily back in the room with Hanzoch and Vepxod seeing his return as he slammed the prison capsule on the ground.
“Guys, I caught the girl that helped Rohan!” Sumobuhm said happily, then opened the capsule only to reveal Chelsea and not Annelotte.
“No offense Sumobuhm, but that’s not the girl that helped our master’s greatest enemy.” Vepxod stated.
“You can’t even kidnap the right girl! Is eating the only damn thing you’re good at, you fat glutton!” Hanzoch said as he grabbed Sumobuhm by the throat.
“Well, maybe we can use this girl to our advantage.” Vepxod pointed out. “Maybe our enemies will sa
Who me? Couldn't be by Getemono  Untitled by stalker034  Merman by Comitz  Donkeys  by GuyverMasterOmega  Morgana Lefay(Fall wardrobe) by Invaderskull1995   Sailor Uranus by JulienneCut  Purple forest by EllaV323   (G) TicciChiKitty by FrozenBlackBerries  Hitomi OC - By Isashi by isashi  Sillrag Kaski-Klasse Zerstoerer by NikitaTarsov  Breakwater Park by Suvi-Iloa   17 Years by JJJMadness
  Happy 18th Birthday Deviant Art by Electric-Dust  Traditional building - Runswick Bay by ahappierlife  Love Ones V2 by SassyDragon18  Christmas-Tree-2016-for-Abigail-and-Electricgirl by Creaciones-Jean  luna by temmiesoul9 
Nightmare In Camp TardicacaNightmare In Camp Tardicaca
Chapter 1
It was a bright and sunny day in South Park, Colorado, and in the basement of Token Black aka Tupperware's house, the Freedom Pals led by Timmy Burch aka Doctor Timothy were planning out were planning the first phase of the Freedom Pals franchise called the Freedom Pals Cinematic Universe or FPCU for short. All of them, except for Jimmy Valmer aka Fastpass who had gone camping and Butters Stotch aka Professor Chaos who was working with his minons in the U-Store It place. "Okay, everyone. Let's go over the plan for phase one of the FPCU again." Doctor Timothy said telepathically. "First, we start with The Coon movie, then we do the Super Craig movie, then we'll do The Human Kite movie just as we start ramping up the Maestro and The Knights Of Symphony Netflix series." As Jake Xavier aka Maestro looked at his pamphlet book that Doctor Timothy created for him, and the rest of the Freedom Pals members, he said "Okay, just a quick question, does the Fre
Commission: Gothic witch by TerinCat  Petra Copeland by DreadLockedCipher  Gwynplaine and Dea by squonkhunter  Black Friday by dykroon-chan  Goretober Day 29: A Skeleton by Haerth  Prometheus1.It's alive.1
''Igor! Increases the electric charge, I want him to live!'' The scientist ordered to his faithful hunchbacked servant. He was wearing an open white blouse, revealing a three-piece suit. His hair was pepper-and-salt-coloured, just like his five o'clock shadow beard.
''Yes master!'' Igor lowered a lever, and two electric turbines began to turn, and the electricity produced moved into cables that were attached to a copper tank.
''Yes, Yes!'' The scientist turned electrical coils to create electricity, and the liquid inside the tank began to boil.
''Master! There is too much power! The machines and the creature can not stand it!'' Igor said to his master who did not want to hear anything.
''Silence! I create everything in this lab, I am their master, and they will obey me! Just like you, my dear Igor. So increased the power one last time!'' Igor was frightened by his master, so he executed his orders without even looking at him.
''As you wish, master!'' Igor lowered a lewer
  Pokemon Magna Mysteries: Kingdom of Constellations by PicoriKirby  Digital HeadShot- Dedan by HappyAppyAliCat   Rest by HaganeSora  Hanging out with friends by Ginger-The-Bunny  Mind Games Book 1 Chapter 1 Part 1
Dr. Chris Patel carried his bags through the station, his eyes adjusting to the dark lighting and his body adapting to the heat, filling the new physician with memories of his parents' summer home in India.  With some of the lights flashing like crazy and debris all over the floor, the whole place looked like a bomb went off.  Although, considering that the Cardassians just abandoned the station after a fifty-year Occupation of Bajor, that would not have been outside the realm of possibilities.
As Patel walked along the hallways, he saw a few officers, some Bajoran and others Starfleet, trying to clear some of the rubble and a few civilians packing up to leave.  The scent of dust, grime and alcohol filled the air and the neutral tones of the station clashed with some of the more bright red and yellow of Cardassian architecture.  The doctor stopped midway and put his bags down.  He pulled his PADD out and studied the blueprints on the screen.
"Are you lost?" a m
My Hero Academia: Power of the Gods Chapter 2 Welcome back everyone, I’m here again with Soul and another guest, Izuku.
Izuku: “H-Hello everyone.”
Soul: I almost forgot about your stuttering, but Hello Again!
Today’s chapter we’ll be going a few years into the future when you, Izuku, and Hansuke are going to middle school.
Izuku: “I see. I guess I should do the Disclamer? (The two nod) Well, Xarazechi/Light He’arth and MySoulReader do not own My Hero Academia, the characters, or the plot, just their OC’s and changes.”
That short enough for you Soul?
Soul: I don’t really care, but Onto The Story!

Chapter 2: Train Delays and School Drama
(Tatooin Station: Ten Years Later)
Izuku and Hansuke were running to get to school. The two boys had stayed close friends for years. In a matter of minutes, they made it to the train station, Tatooin Station, but they had to stop
New York Now logo by terryrule17 This Point in Time The Gardener  by Centurion030 FireFly cat ( Auction ) by AmazingArtsAA Digital art Little Red Riding Hood by Akcenov Victoria and Albert by Life-Is-Art-88 Delicious brethren... 46/365 by PiliBilli Dark Blue by Ameoshi



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