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The Untold - Album cover

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[Progress] Young Aiden sleeping


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Cinemagraph series - Bonfire

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My only Sunshine

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Scrap-raptor (From Dinotrux)


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Seeking Partners 18+

About myself Style: Third Person Where: Discord Length: Semi-para to para. 18+ (Gore, Cursing, etc.) is fine with me Male x Male only in terms of romance If you want examples of how I RP feel free to note me and I'll provide an example. Currently Seeking Fandom Roleplays Tony Stark x Loki Laufeyson Winter Soldier x Captain America Remus x Sirius x James Izaya Orihara x Shizuo Heiwajima Newt Scamander x OC companion Lelouch Lamperouge x Suzaku Kururugi My OC's All are male. Silas - Demonically Corrupted Mage Sol - Naga Zaire - Oceanic Creature Humanoid Lethe - Fallen Archangel Hasani - Hyena Kemonomimi Julian - Cursed 'human' Nick - Su

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Jump Into Fall


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howling beauty

Just Frickin Beautiful

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Goretober 4: Extra Limbs/ Eyes


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Where has all of your innocence gone?

Vampires put the hot in psychotic

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Fire Shaman


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I Can Hear Your Call

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To the Valley Fanservice Contest! LAST DAY!

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED! JUDGING SHALL BE DONE WITHIN THE NEXT FEW DAYS SO STAY TUNED FOR THE WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT! Whut? Yeah, you read that right. So lets get down to brass taxes here. You've probably wanted to draw a shirtless man before haven't you? Maybe a panty shot or two? Try drawing some cute lingerie on a character? Well heres the place to finally draw those, and who knows? You might even get paid for doing it. I like contests, I don't particularly like participating in them, but hosting is quite a pleasure for me. So I plan to do them often, or at least once every year. So this year we are going to celebrate me, fina

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