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Goretober #2 Extra Limbs

Random thoughts that I had while making this:

When you go for a high five and your friend leaves you hanging....

Why do skeletons have SO MANY bones? Seriously though, do we really need ALL of these?

I'mma call him Scamp cause he definitely scampers. In the dark. Up walls. Into your window while you sleep. <never sleeping again>

This reference skeleton is super dusty. Would Scamp be dusty? A rolling stone gathers no moss, does a scampering corpse gather dust?

Seriously though he just wants to shake your hand...and then eat it. 

Ellis: What in the actual hell is that??
Aiden: What do you mean what is that?? You're the f@%ing necromancer THAT is supposed to be your thing!
Ellis: THAT is NOT "my thing"... that is an abomination.


Ellis: His name is Scamp!!
Aiden: No.
Ellis: Scamp, sit. Good.
Aiden: NO.
Ellis: I might keep him!
Aiden: Oh FUCK NO.


Skeleton Falln-Stock
Skull XeiArt
Awesome leather texture I took all my colors from wojtar-stock
Background texture Sirius-sdz
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Sweet! Looks like me crawling outta bed...seriously nice work!
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 I relate to that. Definitely me before coffee Can't Stop Laughing - NaNoEmo Day 2 And thank you!
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Wow that is utterly horrifying in all the best ways. Nice work.
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"And here we see a wild 'Fleshless human-spider' also knouwn as the 'Ultranope'
somethimes it can be tamed by giving it milk and washing it. Please beware it does not like fire and can melt when it is too hot outside."

"if you don't tame it proplerly it will shake your hand and eat it.
then he'll create a hole and poop your hand in it!"

-Le wild Ultranope appears-

"look over there! There is an 'Fleshless Human-spider'! It wants to shake my hand!
here buddy!"

"Aaaaarrrrhhh!!! MY HAND!"

This is what happens if that thing exsists in real life.
most people will be doomed.
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:lmao: :lmao: Ultranope! I love it!
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