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Sangheili Arum

It's offical...I am crazy. Ever since I read Glasslands I could not stop wondering what an arum looks like, so I modeled it in Blender, which took me most of the day (partly because I kept restarting it everytime I thought of a better way to build the damn thing).

Now...keep in mind this is just my interpetation of it...and I am likely completely wrong on how it works/looks. In fact...I think I hear a Sangheili craftsman laughing at me right now....

Edit: Wow...someone at HBO twitted the author herself with a link to the model and she said I was fairly close! ([link])

Mind = blown....

Edit: OK, this just pissed me off. I found out that Halo Wiki was using this picture on their article about on the arum without my permission. I was able to log into said wikia and remove the picture myself, leaving a note that they do not have permission to use it.

This goes for the any of my work: you must ask me first if you want to use it!
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I imagine the Forerunner versions must have more flat surfaces and blue, glowing highlights.

Is this a model capable of being 3D printed? I doubt it’ll be fully functional but it would still make great decoration art.

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I'm not sure, tbh.  I made this before 3d printing became a thing....

Well in any case we would have to know if it’s legal to make in the first place. Such an idea must have a couple hands holding it down lol

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All I know for certain is that it wouldn't be legal to make these to sell, since I don't 'own' the concept.  I'd be even iffy about making these as a gift to someone.

If you were to get a confirmation from the person who came up with the idea that the Arum was free game, you think you could make one?

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Prob not.  I'd have to remake the model first to make sure it would work...and get a 3d printer.  Right now, there are more important things to worry about....

Ah ok, well in any case do you think the production and market for the Arum would be a big hit? I’m about to contact someone in the 343 Management team to talk legal issues with them and if I’m lucky, the large production of an Arum for everyone.

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tbh I have no idea what the market potential is for the Arum.

Just to put it out there right now: no, you do not have my permission to use my concept of it....
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It might not be what it really looks like, but it's the only picture people can think of when they think of the Arum.
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I really wish i had one of these to play with :D
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Well good luck solving it. According to the Halo wiki those things are made so that the only person who can solve it is the one who made it. Although it can be solved, you will get pissed off more times than what you will accomplish in progress, which is why it's made, to teach the Sangheili patience
Nerdgasm! I freaking love this, Slaskia. I just finished the Kilo-Five books, the last one is Mortal Dictata. I recommend you purchase it! Also, you need to make more Halo pics! This inspires me to draw some Halo...
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Already bought and read it.  Finished it about a week ago.  Still don't like what ONI is pulling...blech.

I'll make more Halo pics when my interest comes back (if ever).  Lately, I haven't and much interest in drawing anything and when it comes to writing, I've been focused on Mass Effect.

Hi I'm wondering if I can use your picture of the halo arum (completely amazed how it looks!) and make a 3D model of it. I've always wanted to make this since I read the book.

Thanks Ian
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First, I apologize for taking so long to respond.


Second, a bit thank you for actually asking for permission first!


And lastly, while I'm flattered, I must decline.  Though the fanart is mine, I don't own the concept...and thus I don't think I have the authority to give such permission.


Sorry. :(

Ok, thanks so much though! I love how've you made it look:)Ian
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Maybe some day I'll make a better one that more closely matches what the author envisioned. :)
You said something about making a 3D model on some program, is it a full model?
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If you mean 3d as in 3d printing, then no. What I was referring to was possibly making a better version in a 3d program in blender.
Ah. ok thanks
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