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Doctor Who Series 5 Wallpaper

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Disclaimer: I do not own the images used.

Recently got into Doctor Who :) and am enchanted with Series 5, despite all the bullshit on falling ratings. Heck, even I watch the episodes online.

Its not that good, because this is the first time I gave Photoshop a shot and it took me a damn long time to even finish such a simple wallpaper.

It has one of my favorite quotes from Matt Smith's doctor of all time, taken from episode 4, Time of Angels.
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Eleven has got the best speeches. 
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When I heard this line, I was like "shit just got real."
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What the heck did I just type!
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I loved this part. One of my favorite things Matt Smith has ever said. I saw this on a mug on ebay, by the way ^^
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I just finished bossing my way through the series in 9 days and I think that's just about Matt Smith's most badass moment so far. =D
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It's actually very good for a first time photoshopper I'm sure I'd bring a bad name to doctor who wallpapers if i tried lol.
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im currently obsessed and i need to stop XD i like it, its awesome!!! I watch them online ALL the time..actualy ive been doing that all day...yea i agree series 5 is awesome haha
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I KNOW! Everytime someone makes me watch some god awful thing on the telly I just close my eyes and the Doctor Who title sequence miraculously plays in my brain!

We are obsessed, no?
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haha i dreamed about it last night, but that could be from watching it 7 hours strait :)

yeah, we are!!
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Love that quote, though his big speech in 'The Pandorica Opens' is even more epic :)
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Yeah! I am rabid over Doctor Who these days. Can't wait another year for the next season.
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