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Original Series - Art
MerMay: T'Pura by Batsu13angel
MerMay: Spirk by Batsu13angel
Spirk: Just Another Day On The Starship Enterprise by Batsu13angel
Uhura x Chapel by Batsu13angel
Original Series - Lit

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Next Generation - Art

Mature Content

blindly by svebaraart
your dreams by svebaraart
Transporter room, two in sickbay. by svebaraart
NaArMaMo, days 12 and 13, QCard Big Bang by jossujb
Next Generation - Lit
Deep Space Nine - Art
Garashir Hearts and Kisses by Batsu13angel
MerMay: Garashir by Batsu13angel
Until I See You Again by Batsu13angel
Garashir Lunch Date by Batsu13angel
Voyager - Art
Modifications by beedwise
Tuvok/Neelix by beedwise
Voyager - Lit

Mature Content

Mature Content

Enterprise - Art

Mature Content

Off Duty by 4bluetiger

Mature Content

My Two Loves by 4bluetiger
Afraid? Not In Your Arms by 4bluetiger

Mature Content

What Lies Within Lies Between by 4bluetiger
Enterprise - Lit
Reboot - Art
HOLD ME by sakurainguyen96
Reboot - Lit
Kiss me soflty by HillandClark
Discovery - Art
Discovery - Lit
Crossover - Lit
Crossover - Art
Demotivational Poster Spirk by slashygirl
Demotivational KirKhan Poster by slashygirl
Video and Gifs
VIDEOCLIP - STAR TREK Cosplay-dancevideo by XxGogetaCatxX
Captain and Yeoman by Emmaliene

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Wild Horses
Spock stood silently beside the bed, gazing down at Jim as he slept. The fight on Vulcan had taken a toll, and he knew that Jim needed to rest, but it had taken as much, if not more, from him...
As he stood there, he knew that they had to talk, and now, about something Spock had been mulling over…The trauma of thinking he had caused Jim's death had shaken him more than he would ever had known possible, and in the hours since their happy reunion in Sick Bay, and the even happier physical reunion they had just enjoyed, Spock had made a decision.
He reached out, and as he gently touched Jim's shoulder he got a mental image through their meld…Horses, beautiful horses, running free across a wide expanse of green, blue sky over head, and a range of mountains in the far distance…He could feel the wind rushing by, smell the grass and the sweaty horses, and feel the pounding of their hooves against the ground…Jim was dreaming of home again….
As Jim opened his eyes, he l
:iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 30 30
Never And Always
The service is over, and all the mourners are gone…All the words of sorrow, and of condolence, and love, have been spoken…Tears and smiles shared, and fond memories recalled…The scent of incense hangs in the air, and he stands near the bier, alone…
The coffin is draped in the flag of the Federation, blue as the Iowa sky outside…His last request, one not met with understanding by all, was to rest here, on a world that held only half his heritage, but all of his heart…
Jim's thoughts are of the one who lay silently nearby…All the years together, all the joys, and yes, sorrows they had shared…He had held it together throughout the last few days, but he could feel his hold growing weaker…
He turns to the bier, thinking now, only of how to say his last goodbye…
As he stands there, the sorrow seems to well up from somewhere deep inside, and overtakes him like a tsunami of pain…His legs give way, and he stumbles forwards, reaching ou
:iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 11 57
In Fields Of Clover
It was one of those perfect days that only happen when you least expect them…The sky was a deep, endless blue, and not a cloud to be seen…The air was cool, and a slight breeze stirred the leaves on the willow tree in the center of the field where they materialized…Jim sat the picnic basket down, and took a deep breath…God, it was good to be home, even if only for a few hours…He turned to Spock, who was standing nearby holding the blanket, and said:
"Well, what do you think of it? Isn't it great? Have you ever seen anything so peaceful, or so perfect for a picnic?" And he took the blanket from Spock's arms, and spread it under the willow, the long leafy fronds nearly touching the ground, and making a green, cool space for their meal…
Spock looked around the scene, and nodded slowly, saying:
"I must admit, Jim, you did not exaggerate the tranquility of the spot…I do not recognize the ground cover, though…May I ask what it is called?" He crouched do
:iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 17 35
A New Lullabye
First Officer Spock was sitting in the Command chair, and to those who did not know him very well, he appeared the very essence of calm, cool control…His eyes continually roamed the Bridge, watching alertly for any problems that might arise, assessing the crew's performance, and filling out the usual paperwork with efficiency…To those who knew him better, it was plain he was under stress, but handling it well…Inside, though, he was a wreck, and if there were no news soon, he feared he was likely to treat the Bridge crew to a very un-Vulcan display of emotion, the like of which they had never dreamed he was capable…It had been hours now, and no word from Sick Bay, aside from one he had received a few moments ago, in response to his inquiry (one of several made in the last half hour, truth be told) from Dr. McCoy, "Shut up, Spock, I'm busy!" Spock thought that this was a totally inappropriate response, even for McCoy, and intended to bring the matter up to him, at the
:iconblackfoxlady:blackfoxlady 25 55
Are you functioning correctly Geordi? by nattherat Are you functioning correctly Geordi? :iconnattherat:nattherat 126 48
Hello fellow slash fans!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their patience while waiting for submission approvals. Life keeps me busy, and I do my best to get on here and keep things going as often as possible, but at times it can be a few days before I'm able to check back. I promise all submissions will be processed eventually, and if your submission expires before I'm able to review it, I will send a request for that pieces to be included in the gallery.

Please be aware that all submissions that do not feature slash content will be rejected. I get a lot of these, and I always feel bad rejecting submissions, but the purpose of this group is to showcase art of slash pairings. There are many wonderful Star Trek groups out there where non-slashy art may be submitted.

Happy slashing!

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Basic Rules


:bulletyellow: How to Join :bulletyellow:
1. Click on the "Join our Group" button near the top of the page.
2. Follow prompts. All membership requests are automatically approved. You don't have to put anything in the note section.

:bulletyellow: Who Can Submit Art :bulletyellow:
Any member can submit art/fics to the gallery.

:bulletyellow: Members are asked to: :bulletyellow:
1. Follow the rules of DeviantArt
2. Be respectful of other members and their work.

:bulletyellow: All submissions should: :bulletyellow:
1. Be submitted to the correct gallery folder.
2. Prominently feature at least one slash pairing of canon Star Trek characters.
3. Not feature any OC/OC, OC/canon, or het pairings. OCs, OC/OC, and het pairings are acceptable as long as they are not the main focus.

:bulletyellow: Favorites :bulletyellow:
Any member can submit art to the group's favorites.
All favorites should:
1. Be submitted to the correct folder.
2. Prominently feature at least one slash pairing.

:bulletblue: Read our glossary of useful terms here:…

:bulletred: The full rules of SlashTrek can be found here. They just further clarify a few things, so if you have questions you can start there. But of course, feel free to ask questions if something isn't clear. :)

:bulletred:More specific info on what SlashTrek is all about can be found here.

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A group dedicated to Star Trek slash from any series. Both art and writing are welcome! Slash = M/M and F/F.
Founded 9 Years ago
Oct 13, 2010


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Fan Club

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