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(ADMIN NOTE: This group is abandoned and no longer used! I barely post anything to here.)

Welcome to the group. If you are confused and don't know who Slash is, read link at the bottom and you will see. I'll lay down some of the rules. Follow these and you'll be fine.This group is still in the progress of making

1.only post freddy krueger with slash art, or just slash herself art.
2. Play nice! If you're being a b*tch , I will block you
3.All member requests accepted.
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Miss Murder and Slash by Chris-ser Miss Murder and Slash :iconchris-ser:Chris-ser 5 2 Our own lol cat by Stumm47 Our own lol cat :iconstumm47:Stumm47 33 9
Remember this? Pizza Face (Horror parody story)(Hey! So I'm trying something new! This is basically a slice-of-life type of parody story involving Sandra, various OCs, and slashers all living in one home. Well, Sandra lives nextdoor, but it's practically the same thing XD I'm open to requests for these as well, so go right ahead! Who knows what could happen? Enjoy!)
*Sandra and Cherise are lounging on the couch, bingewatching horror movies during Sci-Fy's 31 Days of Halloween. Slash is fast asleep on the rug. Sandra's still new to the house*
*Paranormal Activity is playing*
Sandra: Bitch, what are you doing? Nuu  Don't go in there! Run, bitch! RUN!
Cherise: *facepalms* Yeahh, this girl's gonna die.
Sandra: Oh Noes! *pointing at the tv* Come on, you just gotta- and she's dead. T_T
Cherise: Ha! I won the bet! Pay up, I won the bet of who dies first!
Sandra: Fine... *hands over 5 dollar

I have made another!

This time it features Slash, Sandra, Cherise, and a few guest appearances. XD

Freddy: *walks into the living room* Fuck, this place is a mess!

Sandra: I know right? *is sprawled out on the couch, reading a book*

Freddy: How the hell you get you get in here? The door's locked!

Sandra: Broke through the window

Freddy: ...But Slash. *looks next to the couch*

*Slash is passed out on her back*

Freddy: rlly? plz  -_- Lazy guard dog

Sandra: I think she likes me :D

Freddy: Yeah, great...Just what I want to hear.

Cherise: *walks out from one of the rooms* Hey do we have any more popt- HEY GIRL!

Sandra: HEY GIRL!

Cherise: HEY GIRL!

Freddy: :facepalm: Not again.

Sandra: HEY-

Pinhead: *arrives on the scene* What's with all the noise? Can you girls at least try to keep it down? -_-+

Cherise: Sorry Pinhead!

Sandra: To be honest, I was just doing it because I could annoy burnt-face here.

Freddy: Annoyed  Wow. Thanks Sparks, ya bitch.

Sandra: Love ya too.

Freddy: Wait, what? O_o

Pinhead: *storms off*

Cherise: He seemed angry, I mean more than usual.

Sandra: *through gritted teeth, trying not to laugh* Probably because he hasn't been banged in a while.

Cherise: Sandra!

Sandra: Sorry! *turning around* I'm terrible and- FREDDY IF YOU'RE PLANNING TO PIN ME, MY SWITCHBLADE WILL BE IN YOUR STOMACH!!

Freddy: Gonna buy?  Ooh, feisty~

*He's hit in the face with a huge book that Sandra was reading from. It was thrown by Cherise. Slash wakes up with a jolt from the noise, looking around.*

Sandra: Clean your house, damnit!

Cherise: Seriously, dude.

Freddy: Are you kidding me? There are two women sitting right in front of me! *He barely dodges Sandra's switchblade, which she purposely threw directly at his face. It hits the wall behind them, right next to a cheap Christmas decoration.* Now that was uncalled for. Alright, alright! I'll clean it, only because this furball gets hair everywhere. *indicates to Slash, patting her head*

Slash:  Meow :3 *trying to act innocent*

Freddy: *switches on vacuum*

Slash: O.O *growls and hops a foot away*

*the vacuum's turned off*

Everyone: O__O *glancing at eachother*

Sandra: I'm not the only one that saw that right?

Freddy: Nope.

Cherise: ...What? Giggle  Oh my god, you guys. I think Slash is afraid of the vacuum.

Sandra: No way...Do it again.

Freddy: *turns the vacuum on*

Slash: *frenzied barking and growling* *tail's in between legs*

Cherise: She is!

Freddy: *turns it off again* She's never done this before! What the hell is wrong this her?! XD

Slash: *snaps at the vacuum chord, before sulking off for distance*

Freddy: HA! She hasn't lost her hostility!

Cherise: Well, now we know what to use when she's being moody.

Sandra: Who knew Slash, the nightmare wolf, was afraid of a VACUUM out of everything else?

Cherise: Dog logic.

Slash: *sulks off*
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