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STEREK pool scene twist

another pool plot twist scene in the universe of STEREK fanart♥

THis is my way to thank you for the HAPPY BIRTHDAYs I've got yesterday♥ love it so much guys♥♥
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THIS IS SO PERFECT. Thank you so much for drawing this.

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I love the art...but for some reason I think Stiles eyes are open.
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This is one beautiful picture!! Plus their easy to recognize and-and kinda realistic in a way. They look like themselfs. Really good work.
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man! these pics inspire me so much xDDDD
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more like, scott didnt come and stiles couldnt hold him anymore, he lost all of his strength and they both go under water. stiles is  unconscious and dereks still holding his breath. Derek starts to move, goes to take a breath, his so afread that stiles is allready dead maaan! So he goes down, takes him, goes up, look at stiles and screams his name. Stiles coughs and spits water. than dereks like..oh god im glad youre ok..... sorry for my bad english ;)
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If only this had happened. Great job!
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PLOT TWIST: Derek wasn't actually paralyzed. He just wanted Stiles hands all over him.
I'm so happy right now, you don't even know.
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Derek looks like Ethan from Heavy Rain :heart:
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why are people always MAKING THEM LOOK GAY starting to get annoying
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well i think because they would be cute together?
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no offence its just that, i like the show and it annoys me that people are always making then look gay, when they're not even gay, it just annoys me a bit, that's MY opinion though, others out there must like it for some reason.
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I really understand what you mean, but I think everybody has their own opinion.
I personally think they would be a cute couple and even the stars said that it could happen, not even them are sure if Stiles is totally straight, so yeah...
But I'm not here to fight you or something, I get what you mean and I'm fine with it ;)
Just let the fans dream, I think, haha. :)
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What show is this from????
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love love love love love love
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I can't tell if stiles's eyes are open or not
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The're closed. ^w^
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Now that you mention it... I can't stop noticing it...
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