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STEREK COMIC3 by Romax Slashpalooza pg1

Finally got the chance to do some Sterek comics to celebrate my 1000+ followers on TUMBLR: [link]

enjoy! :D

p.s. I made up some moles on Stiles body.

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I've tried everuthing to be able to see this, is it deleted or something because it doesn't make any type of sense

theotakubaby's avatar
And... Favorited!
(P.S.: I read the whole thing, just Favorited the first one for convenience. Great Job!)
RawwrSammy's avatar
I think it's funny that he actually has this hair now x)
MapleAndAnimeCrazy's avatar
Geluska's avatar
Stony-Is-Real's avatar
I can't even suppress my love for these two AND for your drawing-style + concepts, I so love it!!! :squee:
Bram-Alexander's avatar
Love how you draw hands & feet, this super sexy;)
AlyBeean's avatar
ah this comic. i saw it on tumblr. and it is fantastic.
In all honest. This comic, is what made want to start watching teenwolf. i so enjoy the conspect of their relationship, and then learning about the characters. Makes this all the better.

Also you are fantastic artist. i mean. my god. you captured these characters practicly flawlessly <3 you is amazing.
theBrentG's avatar
Love Sterek!!! Yeah sexy Sterek!!!
thatsquishyhumankid's avatar
No matter what I'm doing, or where I am, if i see this comic, i have to stop. Slow down. Just, take it in. It's absolutely amazing.
Blaknite's avatar
Loved the comic OvO

The last page made me laugh alot
Kittyyaoifan's avatar
I love it so much =)
BakaUshi-chan's avatar
Yeaash! love it -w-
DragonSapphire's avatar
I love Stiles' eyelashes and the poses in panel 2! Very nicely done! :D
chibbazinga's avatar
OMG i haven't seen your new sterek comics !!!! I'm sure to like it, i love your drawings way so much : D
Shiruy's avatar
I really, really love the way you draw Stiles, his face, his profile, his limbs and his expressions, everything. :D
catathome's avatar
wow - love your drawings.
are they available as a printed comic somewhere?
LBKsCorp's avatar
Saw it on Tumblr and loved it!! Faving it here too :+fav:
morlockiness's avatar
this entire comic is dfjgjdghjfd amazing. can i ask what kind of pencils you used (i assume that's that you used by looking)?
EvergreenHime's avatar
This looked like your style!!!
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