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The Perfect Boyfriend by Yohiri
Koschei and Thete under the  Gallifreyan sky by MistressAinley
Don't Blink - Classic Who by MistressAinley
Frolicking on the Rainbow by sparklingblue
Traditional Art
It's okay even if you trick me with gentle lies by Sildesalaten
Theta and Koschei by ConstarRoberts
Master, what the heck--?! by Paola-Clu
The Doctor and the Master by ConstarRoberts
Digital Art
Funny Doctor and Master by akane3196
Doctor and The Master by akane3196
chibi master x doctor by akane3196

Mature Content

Mature Content

Photography and Crafts
The TARDIS by Jemiyah
My Doctor :3 by Jemiyah
Photoshoot with Simmy by Jemiyah
Princess Doctah and Prince Mastah I by aragornsgirl333



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Anyone can join- just click the 'Join' button at the top and you're in!

:bulletblue:Submission Guidelines:bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Even though this may be a slash specific club, please keep all submissions within deviantArts policy guidelines. See for more details.

:bulletblue: For sexual/adult content, we can accept vaguely adult material, but nothing that depicts /explicit/ sexual content (i.e. contact, pentration... see dA's policy guidelines above.) Suggestive is fine, but clear is not. The same goes for literature- nothing explicitly descriptive. Sorry, it's the rules of the website that you agreed to when you signed up afterall! (You did read the terms and conditions, right? Yeah. Me too...)

:bulletblue: We will also accept Doctor/Doctor and Master/Master slash or any variation of those two characters. Including if there is a third/fourth/fifth etc character, for example, we would accept Doctor/Master/Jack, but we will not accept Doctor/Jack. We also accept solo pieces of the characters.

:bulletblue:Please limit your submissions to the gallery to no more than three per day. People are more likely to look at your work if you don't spam them. It also makes the moderator's messages cluttered and difficult to sort through.

Otherwise the group will look like when someone in the supermarket has put a can of fishpaste in the confectionary aisle. /OCD

Literature - Constitutes as fanfiction, poetry, prose, novelisations, drabbles. Anything wordy.

Traditional vs. Digital - Basically, if it has been created or heavily edited/coloured on computer, it goes in digital.
If it has been created physically and you've scanned or photographed it- it belongs in Traditional or Photography.

:bulletblue:Regarding our 'Photography and Crafts' category, please bear in mind we will only accept photographs and works you have taken or created wholly yourself. Copyrighted works will be denied as it's against deviantArt's rules. So no screencaps and the like. Sorry if this disappoints anyone, but you can post that sort of thing to photobucket.

:bulletblue: If you are uncertain about submissions, feel free to ask us (we're very friendly, honest!) or see what's previously been submitted to the categories to see where it fits in best.

:bulletblue:You're more than welcome to suggest other people's work to our group 'Favourites', so long as it is relevant to the group's interests. I.e. It features the Master, Doctor or a combination of them as the focus. Spread the love! :heart::heart:


From now on to affiliate with our group, please go to your group's profile, click the 'Affiliate' button and type in 'slashlords'.
For more information, see…







Hello all!

It's wonderful to see how fast the group's growing and to meet lots more Master/Doctor shippers! o/

:bulletblue:Just a quick update concerning submissions the next few days-
There won't be anyone moderating the gallery as all six of the group founders are off to the Hub 4 (a three day Torchwood convention). So if you submit anything to the group or send us your monthly challenge entries, chances are you'll have a four day wait.

:bulletblue:Also, please read the submission guidelines (located on the group profile) before submitting art to make life easier for us and to keep the gallery tidy. Thank you! c:

:bulletblue:The March Music Challenge entries can be found here:… !

:bulletblue:The prompt for April:

Interpret as you will! Your favorite d/m duo dressing up as Mozart and Salieri, their younger selves or even each other (Can I get some Brig!Master and Surprised!Three? Or maybe an Adric!Ainley?)

So, fanfic, fanart or whatever else you think up, just have fun and give us a mess of shippy goodness to enjoy as a group!


On a related note, your mods are actually part of a cosplay group, so we'll be dressing up this weekend at the Hub 4.
We'll be taking any cosplay photo requests or suggestions that you may have for the following characters from Who and Torchwood:

The Tenth Doctor, Simm!Master (TEoT and TLoTTL versions), the Fifth Doctor, Ainley!Master, Lucy Saxon, Captain Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Gwen Cooper, Owen Harper, Captain John, Boeshane!Jack and Gray, modern!Commentator Runcible.

If you have any requests, leave us a comment saying what you would like to see and we'll do our best to fulfill it.

We'll miss you! ;D

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Captive!Doctor : [link]

Captive!Master: [link]

Two VERY different stories that are basically AUs. One of them is where the Doctor keeps the master in his tardis (what happens if Lucy hadn't shot him) and the other is basically AU for EoT, Doctor's got the collar round his neck now. :D Reviews plz, or just reply to this comment.
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