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I did some editing on the rules the old one was a bit scrabble around but I got it fixed.

So if you have read the old one before you don't have to read this cause it's the same but with small changes but for those who are new watchers and never read it, you may want to.


My Artwork
My  characters are not to be use for any commercial use such as fursuits or prints or vids, so unless my pictures are available for purchase as a print on my store site, any reproduction no matter the reason will be considered theft.

Please respect my artwork and don't try to steal it or and say it your own cause I do have very good friends here who well inform me of it and I will take action on it.

Please do not leave comments about how my OC characters look like this and that, comments like that is not a compliment!

Fanart of my characters
If you do any fan art of my characters please make sure you put my copyright on it and give credit "character's name here" "© Kim C. Jones" or "character's name here" © :iconslasher12:and If you do a fanart of my characters do not copy the same poses I have done so do not trace my characters!  

I do not mind fan-art of my characters, but any reproduction, such as tracing, edit, copy, printing , distribute, repost elsewhere, claim or profit my art, conceptual pieces or any character shown in my art for any reason of my original characters works and fan art will be looked upon as theft unless you have express permission granted by me.

My Fanart
You must ask me before you use my Fanart. Do not rip my fan art form here and put it on other sites like You Tube or put it on one of your artwork and not give credit of were you got it from or say it's yours.

Other important stuff
Please read artist description carefully before commenting. Don't leave comments on my art, front page or note asking for trades, request or commissions. If I do a drawing of some thing it usually for my closes friends or gifts to thank someone by my choice. And pleas Don't spam me.

I'm not into those weird fetish for characters covered in mud or dirt and or the fetish for feet,vore ect. So don't pester me! I already have to deal with two people who harass me with this and I took care of them.

Any line art I do  is not a coloring book. Unless I say it is.

I put theses rules here for a reason so Do not disrespect me and I won't disrespect you!
© 2010 - 2020 Slasher12
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Uhm do you do requests/commissions/trades?
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Slasher12 Digital Artist
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TonyYorkieSilky1991Hobbyist Digital Artist
I always give credit to others whenever I draw their characters.:)
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ShadowSlyIXHobbyist General Artist
I'm a nice person and I always ask before taking action of anything that has to do with anyone else's art. Also if you have any problems I'll ask what is the issue, and I never harass people. I think we can be friends someday.^^
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MariposaLass-93Professional Writer
Any rules regarding requests?
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Slasher12 Digital Artist
I don't do them
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MariposaLass-93Professional Writer
Okay... I see.
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I understand and accepct your rules
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Ortensia12Hobbyist General Artist
Wow these rules rule (no pun intended)
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i understand you rules compleatly
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dolphin19Student Traditional Artist
I understand your rules and I thaugh you would like somthing I made you. I gave you some respecton it. --> [link]
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