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Mr. Coat Roger Rabbit Month Card

New card for Mr. Coat


Art © Kim C. Jones
Mr. Coat © Stefan's
Roger and Logo © Disney
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© 2013 - 2021 Slasher12
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This is my absolute favorite piece of artwork with cute Roger Rabbit.
lightyearpig's avatar
You heard that Bob "Mario Valiant the Dwarf" Hoskins died?
Slasher12's avatar
yes i mention it up in my journal
Gotapenname's avatar
mickey16's avatar
Yay! Loved that movie!
tymime's avatar
That's a very good Roger there. Is this your first try?
You've probably noticed that I really like the Toon Patrol. How do you feel about them?
Slasher12's avatar
My first try with Roger)

As for the Toon Patrol I love them!
tymime's avatar
I should've guessed, what with Stella and all.
AthineaStone's avatar
Oh I know the answer it's Mr. Coat himself see his name is right there. *Points to left corner*
TheBattyCrow's avatar
Looks awesome, you really nailed Roger there :XD:
ashbasher22's avatar
One of the best movies of all time plus great artwork!!! ^^
Stitchfan's avatar
dolphin19's avatar
Another movie I loved when I was younger! Great job on this! :D
WarriorNun's avatar
We got ourselves a gumshoe
DCLeadboot's avatar
Oh dear... Roger Rabbit's in trouble again...? :giggle:
lovelyangel846's avatar
that show never gets old
silverheartlugia2000's avatar
I saw a 25 aniversery dvd of wfrr last month hard to believe its that old
MrCoat's avatar
Wonderful card! You captured Roger perfectly.
ElLoboHugo's avatar
WOW, what a coincidence, KJ! Today I just watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit for the first time!!! :dance:

You drew Roger very well. Great work.
AlexRaccoonGlider's avatar
Everyone really loves this movie: "Who framed Roger Rabbit" I mean they really went above and beyond with the technological and Hollywood magic with this movie.

This pic however is very good, I hope Mr.Coat likes this pic too =3
FacilierFan93's avatar
I can't stand this movie
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