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Mr. Coat Lola Proflie Card

Another Title card for Stefan's upcoming Character Profile on Lola Bunny

And for the record just I like to say I do not like The Looney Tunes Show! it felt insalting to me so don’t think just be cause I did this that I like it.

And I’m also not a fan of Lola Bunny.


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Mr. Coat © Stefan's
Bugs, Lola and Looney tunes logo © Warner Brothers
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I'm agree with Bugs.
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Insulting (which you misspelled, BTW)? Please! Watch Baby Looney Tunes and Loonatics Unleashed and talk to me about "insalting"!

Oh, and :iconanimeyoshigirl:, the Looney Tunes were never meant to be role models to begin with.
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Aww I want. A hug. From. Lola
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I like the Space Jam version better.
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I hate the new Looney Tunes show as much as you do. IT DIDN'T MAKE ME LAUGH. THIS IS A NEW LOW FOR A LOONEY TUNES SHOW. The only thing that's faithful to the original was the Road Runner CGI cartoons. Only thing worth seeing. Other than that... AVOID AT ALL COSTS, PEOPLE.
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Oh how the spunky have fallen to a airheaded blonde....
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yeah, Lola is a slap in the face. I mean, the original Lola from Space Jam was a zero-dimensional character... I miss that version when it comes to this version

though I gotta admit, I kinda like Tina, an unnecessary girl counterpart for Daffy, but at least she's bearable and MUCH developed compared to Lola

altogether though, Looney Tunes Show is crap. and why is it that an hispanic voice actor voicing Speedy sounds more racist than a white guy voicing Speedy? (...wait, did I use the right word? the voice actor's hispanic, right? augh, it's so hard not to sound accidentally racist)
Hatchetstein4Real's avatar
I've seen the show and I, somehow, think it's a great idea for something like this!!!

Nice show it is and nice JOB on this PICTURE!!! ;D

You rock, dudette! ;D
dolphin19's avatar
Agree! I hate this show and the Lola in it. I like her much better in the Space Jam form.
BobcatAngel's avatar
Aww, how cute! Can't wait to see it! :3
ashbasher22's avatar
I honestly like the new Looney Tunes show but they made all the characters less epic and I hated it that characters like Foghorn Leghorn were not in the show!!! Classic Looney Tunes will always be the best and so will the classic Disney!!! Rest In Peace to the classic geniuses like Chuck Jones and the classic Disney owner that made Looney Tunes what it was supposed to be!!!! P.S. very awesome work as usual!!! :D
Pozem's avatar
Foghorn Leghorn was in one episode in the show.
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June 28, 2011, episode 9 The Foghorn Leghorn Story.
ashbasher22's avatar
saw it and thought it was really good!!!! ^^
Pozem's avatar
That's nice to know.
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yep ti doo!!! ^^
ashbasher22's avatar
hahaha!!!! very cool!!!! Prefer the classics!!! ^^
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh... guess Bugs isn't wanting a girlfriend...? :XD:
PriestessOfNox's avatar
I only saw a bit of it and walked away annoyed. :|
Where would I be able to see this character profile he's going to do?
Slasher12's avatar
He hasn't done the video yet
justcallmesly's avatar
I hate the new depiction of Lola. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HER?!
MammalMage's avatar
I'm with ya brother. I miss her Space Jam self.
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