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Mr. Coat Casper Profile Card

Casper is one of my favs as a kid and yes I have the 1995 movie and seen the cartoon spinoff of it. Man it was funny!

Pleases note I didn't draw this I just did the inking and color work much like the Tintin card. :icondookyikrdooky: did the drawing.…

Coloring and ink (c) Kim C. Jones
Drawing (c) :icondookyikrdooky:
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CartoonCaleb's avatar
I just have one thing to say: TIMING :D
TheBattyCrow's avatar
I love this noodly, cartoony style, and the coloring came out very nice :)
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hmmmm, I knew Casper was a bit of a nutball too cowardly to be a ghost!! I do not find him at all. he's kinda like a friendly ghost suchy such!! ^^
ndunsmo's avatar
I had a feeling he was going to do this kind of vid one day.
Spunkbug's avatar
You did a nice job here, Kim! Thanks for doing this for me.
Slasher12's avatar
You're welcome
DCLeadboot's avatar
I never really understood what the characters in those old cartoons found so scary about Casper... he always seemed such a wimp to me... :XD:
ndunsmo's avatar
That's the sad thing about cartoon logic. Ghosts, no matter how cute they look, always manage to scare cartoon characters.
DCLeadboot's avatar
The first Casper cartoon I saw was on some old 4-hour VHS compilation of old classics - "There's Good Boos Tonight"
Perhaps it's the "little boy" in me, but I was kind of put of on first-impressions by the fact that he always seemed to be crying because nobody would be friends with him... it was embarrassing for me to watch.
On the other hand, I liked the little fox and that cartoon did cement my belief that foxhunting is evil!
Slasher12's avatar
He's a ghost everyone is scared of ghost regardless of how they look.
DCLeadboot's avatar
The Nostalgia Critic wasn't scared... ;)
RockportMaricruz's avatar
Is there any chance that you'll talk about Casper's Scare School? It's one of my favorite shows:D
HewyToonmore's avatar
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