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In Defense of Illumination's The Lorax Card

New card for Mr. Coat. It's always nice for me to find other people who don't hate this film.

Update: Video is up Enjoy [link]

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You should see all the attention the Once-Ler is getting.
Slasher12's avatar
I been knowing about that since the film was released
Gotapenname's avatar
I loved this movie, It is always nice to see other fans 
Michaelsar's avatar
I liked this movie. I thought Horton was better, but I enjoyed this one, too (My favorite part is the Once-Ler's song).
GuineaPigDan's avatar
I don't understand the hate this movie gets either. I didn't think it was as bad as a lot people were saying. On the other hand though, the movie does have its problems, which I wrote about in a journal after seeing the film in the theater. [link]

As for all the commercial tie ins with the movie, I agree that's messed up, but that's more an indictment against the marketers and the people putting out the film, not the film itself.
Bluedramon's avatar
To be honest, I didn't really enjoy this movie that much. I don't hate it or anything and I'll watch it once in a while, but it's not something I would spend money on. About the only thing I really like in the movie is the song sequence How Bad Can I Be? The forest animals were kinda cute. But overall I think the movie could have been a lot better. Personally I think it would have been better without the weak attempt at a romantic storyline. And fleshing out the villain more would have been nice. He threatens Ted if he goes outside the city, yet hardly lifts a finger. He is supposed to be intimidating, given the power he has, yet watching the movie, I can't really take him that seriously.
ashbasher22's avatar
I never hated it, I liked it a hell of a lot!! ^^
riversongpond's avatar
I love it. No matter what people say "It's not like the book!" Who cares! It has the same heart and meaning!
DCLeadboot's avatar
That's a rather cute scene there! :aww:
But why do people hate the film? I never actually saw it myself, so I can't judge...
Slasher12's avatar
Because it's not completely faithful to the book, and everyone says the songs are bad and it's too preachy, but it's not watch the film but judge for yourself.
DCLeadboot's avatar
Hmmm, sounds typical of the whole "They Changed It, Now It Sucks" mentality that I find so annoying... :hmm:
It's like how Sonic fans raved when they replaced Ryan Drummond with Jason Griffith... and later Roger Craig Smith. For a while, I wasn't sure myself, but having heard Sonic's new voices, I've been more accepting than the average "fan", considering it a sort of "maturing" for our young hedgehog... he can't still be 15 after all these years, right? :XD:
Adaptation is bound to mean change from the original source material, but so long as it's done right I'm good with it.
levy120's avatar
I don't hate it =)
The songs for one are amazing xD

But the fandom is what scares me a little, I'll be honest.
lovelyangel846's avatar
I loved it...I take back what I said about it
Slasher12's avatar
What you said about it before?
lovelyangel846's avatar
I thought it was silly, not haha,'s hard to explain...but I really liked S was amazing
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Shadow-DJ's avatar
CAn't wait to see it :)
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We need ALOT more people to be on defense of something that has taken abuse. Case in Point: Scrappy Doo. People hate him with some justifcation to him, but he still helps the gang at a certain degree, strikes a comedic foil to Scooby and Shaggy, but then WB seem to try to cash in on the hate: making him the bad guy in live action movie and buttjokes in almost everything after that... which is odd considering that a character MORE deserving of hate would be Pugsy from the Tom and Jerry movie, who not only broke the comedy between the two for the movie, but actually make them talk. No matter how bad Scrappy was, he didn't hurt the Scooby franchise compared to what Pugsy did for Tom and Jerry's in that one forgotten film... and it was a total move on WB's part, just as they are MORE interested in making live action movies on old cartoon shows, all the while using over the top CGI effects for nearly everything...
AlexRaccoonGlider's avatar
Ive yet to see the film myself, I think I should because of your interest in the movie.
Retro7's avatar
Heck I loved it, I saw the original TV special too before this hit the theaters. Yeah it's an awesome special (catchy songs too) but that doesn't mean this one doesn't have it's good points either. I liked the interaction between the Onceler and The Lorax, I like some of the song. It has zero reference humor (unlike Cat in the Hat) and The message of the book was still present. I admit the wrap-around story was sorely lacking with a very weak villain but a cute tribute to the author and his wife nonetheless and, oh yeah, the animation is gorgeous. So really the only argument is that if your open-minded enough to deal with some of the expansions of the story.

By this point, I've accepted that Hollywood is always gonna do this when it come to adaptations. Especially on small stories like this one. So, unless they cut a vital detail, I'm not gonna complain and moan about it. I'll just watch it and judge it as it's own thing. Nothing more, nothing less.
Shadow-DJ's avatar s a VERY mature thing to do. YOU just gained my respect, my friend :)
Retro7's avatar
^_^ Thanks, much respect dude.
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