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Flying Bat

By Slasher12
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I haven’t done any drawing of a bat in a long long time. And this is a Insect eating Bats and I added a bit of toonsih factor in this so it's not completely acurate to a real bat.

This didn’t take long to draw and scan. The coloring took a half hour.

Done in Artrage

Bat © Kim C. Jones
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© 2011 - 2020 Slasher12
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this helped me alot nwith my drawing of a bat for someones birthday!
thanks alot and even more!!!!
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Great!!! He looks very smooth!!!! :D
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Wow, still very nice. :)
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Time doesn't have to be a factor when a great picture is the finished product :clap:
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reminds me of a jamacian fruit bat. adorable, nice work :)
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Cool looking bat! :D
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Aww, that's so pretty! I wish I could color like you!
This bat is so nice, I love it :+favlove:
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Nice bat, very realistic
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You did such a marvelous job in this!
I hope to see more of this.
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nice looking bat. :)
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Nice sketch drawing of a live bat there Kim. I mean, animal studies can be very useful.
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The quality in the eyes is extraordinary!
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The feet are backwards. [link]
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I've had those thoughts too. but their legs do rotate. 
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Not everything has to be acurate with drawing I add the toon factor to this when I drawn it.
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But how would it walk/function?
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like a cartoon bat walk on it's legs.
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I guess. I mean, it worked for Bartok, Shade, Fidget, and countless others. Why not?
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Great work, I was always interested in the vampire and carnivorous bats myself. =)
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It looks like a leaf-nosed bat, very nicely done Slasher! Very accurate to detail!
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nice, although I think the wings should be a tad bigger, it turned out really great! I like the detail a lot!
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