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Hey Everyone!  Haven't posted much lately - been busy with preparing the Cosmic Star Heroine kickstarter, which is now live!!!

Link here!!!

It's been an INCREDIBLE first day!  We're up to $41k and I can't thank everyone enough.  This is so exhilarating, it's powerfully motivating to make this game as awesome as possible.

I took a hiatus on making art and posting it here to go into crunch mode and finish and release Rain-slick 4!

It's out!…

Only five bucks :)

Been a blast working on it, it was the biggest and most ambitious project I've ever done.  Was a blast working with PA and HyperDuck on the game.

Now I can go back to doing some more fan art.. and then we begin prelim work on the next game from Zeboyd!
So I've been working on Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4.  For the past 9 months or so.  Been a HUGE project, so this is very exciting!  It comes out on Steam on Friday!  Woo!  Check it out!

I'll be back to doing fan art for stuff after its release.   Maybe I'll post some neato stuff from the game itself once it's out.  We'll see!

Here's a link to more info:

Hey everyone, I haven't been posting art regularly like I usually do because I've been swamped with trying to finish up work on Penny Arcade's Rain-slick 4.  I'll get back into it in the next few weeks, though.  At least, I'll try!

Here's a link to the trailer if you're curious:…

And some screenshots here:…

and here:…

OK, back to finishing up RS4.. :)
Hey so anyone who wants to draw anything related to the games by us (Zeboyd) such as Cthulhu Saves the World, Breath of Death VII, or Penny Arcade's Rain-slick 3, let me know and I'll certainly put it into the new Zeboyd Games group that I just created.  

Alternatively if there's any Zeboyd or Rainslick3 character you want me do sketch let me know and I'll do it, I'm always looking for ideas to practice my sketch/ink/coloring skills.
So I've added (so far) 2 sketches of characters from Dean Dodrill's XBLA game "Dust: An Elysian Tail."  

It's one of the more visually impressive 2D action games on XBLA and, indeed, this console generation in general.

It's a smooth action game with metroidvania elements, and I highly recommend checking it out.
OK I just learned a few neat things about coloring techniques that are pretty ideal for comic-style drawings.  Some of it I learned from online tutorials and some of it I stumbled across as I fiddled with my paint tools.  

And so with that I went ahead and drew Moira again.  She's a great character from Rain-slick 3, but more importantly she's incredibly fun to draw, with her flowing hair and coat.  Plus I needed a comic style character to practice this coloring technique on and I figured, why not.
Gonna periodically add game asset type stuff that is cool to see, since you don't always see it in-game necessarily.
Tried some things with more detailed color.  I wanted to try a few specific things but by the time I was done with it I'm not sure I remembered to do those things.  I'm going to have to try some other coloring techniques later.  I'm putting up a pic of Umi from Cthulhu Saves the World.  I wanted to try a more detailed face picture as opposed to my usual fairly simply-colored cartoon-esque stuff.  I feel like my shadows still aren't strong enough and I think I need to learn how to more efficiently apply some of these highlights and shadows.  I'm going to do more cartoon stuff or plain sketches for a while before I jump back into the major coloring stuff because man that is time consuming.
Just created this account five seconds ago!  I'm hoping to use it to store images of various projects I'm working on and get feedback as well as critique myself in hopes to continuously improve my skills.  We'll see how it goes.