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Bright Landscape by slam-the-keys Bright Landscape :iconslam-the-keys:slam-the-keys 0 2
Someday, I'll forget,
Someday, I'll say goodbye,
Goodbye to my past,
To a new love, say hi.
But my heart still beats,
Blood heavy and hot,
Wishing he was still mine,
However, he's not.
He's hers, holding her hand,
Watching her laugh at his jokes,
Breathing in the scent of her hair,
As my heart slowly broke.
:iconslam-the-keys:slam-the-keys 0 4
Selfless Love
An envelope of breath,
Soft as baby's touch,
A quiet save from death,
A never-ending rush,
This selfless love would be.
If I should hold you to your word,
Take forever as your promised me,
Those were the words I heard,
Your painted wings would break.
I could not do that to you,
Just to feel my knees shake,
For though you love me too,
You born to fly free,
A world of your own to see.
:iconslam-the-keys:slam-the-keys 0 0
The brilliant bulb flashes,
A luminescent reminder,
Of the attempted dashes,
To a world much kinder.
Mad dashes that failed,
As you cannot forget,
Those, from which you hailed,
And you weep with regret,
For letting them get to you,
For letting them rip and tear,
From your face the lively hue,
For allowing yourself to care,
So to your sanity, cling,
And for happiness, sing.
:iconslam-the-keys:slam-the-keys 0 0
Isolde's Sonnet
Oh, such a bitter smile,
On such a lovely face,
It's been there a while,
No longer ruffles and lace,
To describe you, cupcake,
Thick lashes and gaudy lipstick,
Well now, you're nothing but fake,
The alcohol no longer makes you sick,
You watch as he frets,
But darling, you can't stop,
Your writing and drink a simple duet,
You'll do both until you drop,
Regardless of the pain you cause,
But love is no longer what it was.
:iconslam-the-keys:slam-the-keys 0 0
Lily's Sonnet
The stunning emerald gaze,
From a face too sweet for words,
So beautiful with her locks ablaze,
Despite her temper the boys flock in herds,
Enraged by stubborn arrogance,
Dedicated and determined,
She never takes the time to dance,
However at times, she keeps her heart curtained,
A shield placed over emotion,
She holds herself with such poise,
But the gloves come off with commotion,
When that boys begins to annoy,
Beautiful, sweet, and calm,
She loves without qualm.
:iconslam-the-keys:slam-the-keys 0 0
Kiera's Sonnet
She's a kaleidoscope, a little bit motley,
A nymph, a figment of long ago dreams,
Compare her to myth, she'll deny it hotly,
She'll say she's ordinary, no fantasy scheme,
But that's simply too hard to believe,
As she dances to a song that only she can hear,
Thus it is impossible for her to deceive,
You want to keep the faery-girl near.
That laugh of hers, a spritely laugh,
Inspiring in its innocent mirth,
You attempt to induce it with silly gaffe,
A mischievous creature of endless worth,
A creation Shakespearian and epic,
She's a heart-stopping trick.
:iconslam-the-keys:slam-the-keys 1 0
Jabez' Sonnet
What's that? A flash of red hair,
It's a bird! No a plane -
Jez! Get down from there!
You must be insane,
He's crazy, a little kooky,
Uncanny, funny, a little bit nuts,
Crossdressing, certainly spooky!
Always up for adventure, without buts,
The best friend a girl could have,
Comforting, caring, and silly,
He's always got coffee and chocolate in hand,
Perhaps he runs about willy-nilly,
Jabez is a darling, a dear,
Without him, life would be dull, I fear.
:iconslam-the-keys:slam-the-keys 1 1
James' Sonnet
Is that a quiver, a quirk?
No, it's a laugh, a hearty laugh,
Replaced so quickly by a satisfied smirk,
Of the pranksters he's but a half.
One could say his head is a bit too big,
Or his heart a bit too small,
Or one might say he's a bit of a pig,
Or he doesn't care of others at all.
But then you cannot know him,
If you speak of him like that,
For we all sing our praises to Jim,
And we all sweep off our hats,
Clever and sweet, loyal and true,
If he's your friend, he's there through and through.
:iconslam-the-keys:slam-the-keys 1 2
Kaisa's Sonnet
A twinkling eye holds a joke,
That none but her may know,
A devious smile as she awoke,
Happiness that only she can sow,
For she's Kaisa the brave,
Kaisa the beautiful but foolhardy,
As she staves off each knave,
We all know she's a smarty,
A temper and tongue,
To match her quick brain,
Her generosity will long aft be sung,
Whether in sun or in rain,
Never will you find a girl such as her,
She's Kaisa the brave, Kaisa the clever.
:iconslam-the-keys:slam-the-keys 3 2
Liam's Sonnet
White hair belies his age,
Eyes cold and yet kind,
Bitterness etched on his face,
A billion things on his mind,
A boy whom expected too much,
A man who expects naught,
A happiness he cannot touch,
Simply because it will not be sought,
And yet he still lives day by day,
A chilling soliloquy of hidden facts,
He rarely has anything to say,
Divine his feelings by how he acts,
He's a mystery, an imagined dream,
Tear one thread, he'll rip at the seams.
:iconslam-the-keys:slam-the-keys 0 1
Sirius' Sonnet - for Jrrt
Suave, charming, debonair,
A lazy, heart-stopping grin,
The only Black with a heart fair,
Although not exempt of sin,
Laughing at the sordid affairs,
Of the family he must call his own.
A heart-throb with so few cares,
Never brewing trouble alone,
The only Black with friends of gold.
Shunning the dark mark,
Smudged upon his name untold,
Black upon a white too stark.
He's the Black with the conscience,
The Black without sense.
:iconslam-the-keys:slam-the-keys 0 0
Ack. by slam-the-keys Ack. :iconslam-the-keys:slam-the-keys 0 0
The Pied Piper
Watch, wait, hold your breath,
The Piper comes today,
Sing, cheer for death,
The Piper comes today,
Dance, skip, cling to fear,
The Piper comes today,
Wipe away your every tear,
The Piper comes today,
Feel your heart pound in your chest,
The Piper comes today,
Clutch your hand up to your breast,
The Piper comes today,
Feel his rank breath upon your cheek,
The Piper comes today,
Stop your tongue before you speak,
The Piper comes today,
And in your fear, let down your guard,
The Piper comes today,
You cannot catch him; it's too hard,
The Piper comes today,
Watch as your life exceeds your grasp,
The Piper comes today,
And at your heart you cannot clasp,
The Piper comes today,
For music and tales are all good and well,
The Piper comes today,
But in the end, it's death that sells,
The Piper comes today.
:iconslam-the-keys:slam-the-keys 4 2
Pretty Girl
Well now, pretty girl,
Such a bright smile,
Lights up his world,
But only for a while,
Sorry to bear bad news,
But he's done this before,
I've been in your shoes,
I watch now from the other shore,
But you pretty girl,
You're just a trend,
Caught up in the romantic whirl,
He won't break or bend,
But you'll be nursing a broken heart,
As with you he's sure to part.
:iconslam-the-keys:slam-the-keys 1 0
Two-Faced Sonnet
Pale, pretty, demure and docile,
With pale skin cool to the touch,
A trendy whore with a bitter smile,
You never seem to speak too much,
Such contrast between your two sides,
A two-faced china doll with nothing to say,
Plastic and fake enjoying the ride,
Then soft and still with no debt to pay,
The hardened tramp or girl next door,
Both aspects of your shattered soul,
No friends to pick you up as you hit the floor,
You bury yourself deeper in your self-made hole,
So now my sweet, my two-faced dear,
Pull your battered heart from the blackened spear.
:iconslam-the-keys:slam-the-keys 2 0

Random Favourites

Uni by TrollGirl Uni :icontrollgirl:TrollGirl 28 11 Universe by TrollGirl Universe :icontrollgirl:TrollGirl 38 22 Little demons by TrollGirl Little demons :icontrollgirl:TrollGirl 9 21 Witchcraft by TrollGirl Witchcraft :icontrollgirl:TrollGirl 38 22 Twintree by TrollGirl Twintree :icontrollgirl:TrollGirl 32 21 Moon Mermaid by SelinaFenech Moon Mermaid :iconselinafenech:SelinaFenech 3,360 230 Memento Mori by TrollGirl Memento Mori :icontrollgirl:TrollGirl 31 38 Inhuman by TrollGirl Inhuman :icontrollgirl:TrollGirl 34 32 Autumn by TrollGirl Autumn :icontrollgirl:TrollGirl 114 44 merreal by TrollGirl merreal :icontrollgirl:TrollGirl 6 6 Serpentina by TrollGirl Serpentina :icontrollgirl:TrollGirl 9 30 Semper Fidelis II by TrollGirl Semper Fidelis II :icontrollgirl:TrollGirl 13 16
fist around my throbbing heart,
beg for me to bleed.
tell me that you love me, baby
am I really all you need?
pluck the petals, watch them fall,
squeeze my hand and hear me scream,
beacuse this love isn't love at all,
it's a figment of your greed.
Liar, Liar
I don't trust that smile in your eyes.
Do you think I'm gullible enough
to believe your too sweet lies?
One kiss will turn to suicide,
rip my soul out at the seams.
You won't be where my control dies
because a posession I refuse to be.
:iconmadeusmile:madeusmile 4 6
Heartache With a Side of Bacon
Damn her.
He wanted to saw his head open, rip his brain out, and use it as a quaffle. It would have honestly been less painful, less frustrating. Perhaps he would have gotten a bit of real sleep, regardless of whether or not he would wake up again. But that wasn't even feasible at this point. He doubted he even had the energy to walk, much less nearly disembowel himself. A later phase of exhaustion was setting in, an eternal lethargy that he had been fighting for nearly three weeks only to fail miserably upon crawling from bed each morning. His limbs were heavy, laden with invisible weight, the result of that pent up emotional brow-beating he seemed to bestow upon himself a bit too often as of late. James Potter didn't fail at anything, and he couldn't get one abysmal, minor detail out of his own mind?
Bloody hell.
"James, you aren't eating anything."
The quiet, constantly content voice of Remus was magnified in his current state. His fingers tightened in his mess of black strands befo
:iconmadeusmile:madeusmile 9 3
Ker's Sonnet
Sweetly, always fingers strumming,
O, beautiful, these notes and their tone.
A minx, to some, so quietly humming,
and smiling with thoughts yet unknown.
Mismatched, she is, this Shakespearean muse,
for to mischief her gaze will lead,
watching with one iris, a clear, lovely blue,
waiting with another, of bright, vibrant green.
Always arms open, with a listening ear,
she befriends with effortless grace.
Giggling and grinning, she seems without fear,
there's no joy when we don't see her face.
Whether singing, or eating (sweet chocolate galore),
in her presence there's something quite clear-
this 'Puck' always leaves us wanting much, much more
because it's lonely, without our Ker near.
:iconmadeusmile:madeusmile 1 1
Naked is the New Clothed by JLou Naked is the New Clothed :iconjlou:JLou 1 5



Current Residence: My Front Yard/My Art Room
Favourite genre of music: County && Rock
Favourite photographer: Michael Breakey
Favourite style of art: Traditional photography.
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Mine.
Shell of choice: WTF?
Wallpaper of choice: Red and white checks. XD
Skin of choice: Tanned or freckled. =P
Favourite cartoon character: Eeyore && Tinkerbell
Personal Quote: Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake - Napoleon I
Ohkay. So I completed my first EVER painting today. Hold your applause, it's nearly as deplorable as my poetry. ;-;

Basically, it was our second day of 'summer' [techincally, it's still winter, but we hit plus fifteen, so I was out in a skirt and tanktop XD] and I decided I was going to paint outside. I've always loved painting, and I've always loved nature, so for me, it was pretty clear that I'd be painting the scene behind my house - or what it used to be. Now it's a construction site, but ya know, whatever, right? I'll use some creative liscence.

So I sat outside with my acryllics, some news paper, and a piece of white paper. And brushes, obviously. And the result was 'Bright Landscape'. Imaginative, I know. But well...yeah. I love it. Even if it is horrible, in all technicalities. I'm so proud of myself for completing it, and in like...four hours. XD Yes, it took four whole hours until I was moderately happy with the results.

So yeah. View it at your own discretion, and I would LOVE critique. <3

Hopefully my next painting will be better. ^^
  • Listening to: CSI (in the background); Aerosmith
  • Reading: La Chatelaine de Mallaig
  • Watching: CSI : Miami
  • Playing: Solitaire
  • Eating: Cheerios
  • Drinking: Orange Juice


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