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word bearer terminator

By slaine69
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heh chuffed with this one, there's something really freeing about simplifying digital work, no texture overlays, no colours, no background, minimal layers, just full on drawing......and a fair amount of Adrian Smith reference!!! (the 40k artist not the guitarist of Iron Maiden, though I was listening to a lot of Maiden at the time)

This ones for you litch, I told you I'd get around to it some day haha
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This dude is truly creepified, I bet the Orks think him that goes 'bump' in the night!Moana - Haaa Maui Icon 
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You are really great. . . . . .Great painter
cheeserack's avatar, thats the only word i can think of.
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Awesome Art! And Awesome Metal Soundtrack to the Work!
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He for some reason reminds me of Kol Badar
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i would not want a hug from him...
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this is perfect :clap:
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You have a lot of love...and hatred...but mainly love for this word bearer :P
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This is very quality work, a set of details impressive, as and style image. Perfectly!
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Absolutely amazing!
The detail!
The helmet actually looks menacing, but badass compared to most Space marine helmets!
just... wow!
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love the amazing details on the armor!:D
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awesome drawing Brother
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Great job! Love the dark mood and all.
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Very sexy :3 :heart:
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As always - masterpiece.
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I noticed you have this available as a print, just out of curiosity have you ever managed to make a sale of a warhammer print? DA's official stance says they don't allow it and that they check before they print, so i wondered if that was just lipservice to cover their asses, thanks in advance for letting me know :)
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An Anointed Terminator! :iconfuckyeahplz:
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your best yet :D
holding back with the overlays really made a diference, usually your pics are too busy for me
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This is pretty incredible. real crisp work man. wow.
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