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kalam mekhar

got bored waitin' for my lecturer........cheeky sketch
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Hey man.  Just joined specifically to say amazing work!  Scanning your work since last night and have to say its the best representation of the characters in the book as I myself picture them.  I am no artist and though I draw some amazing work in my mind, you've actually put it to paper and I thank you.
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Thank YOU flashcamel, I'm really glad you like the malazan stuff, it's been a while since I was able to get any erickson stuff done but there's always a nagging want to draw one of a host of awesome characters, so I'm not done with the Malazan universe yet. 
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<3 I am currently on Deadhouse Gates, and this is pretty much how I imagined Kalam, though in my mind's eye, his skin is a bit darker <3
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Awesome pic! I just joined to say you should do one with his Otatoral blade.
awesome kalam
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this is a great Kalam
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This is all kinds of awesome.
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well all kind of appreciation back to ya dude!
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really cool sketch, although it's a bit difficult to see what's going on below the swords...

what kind of swords are those? I think Kalam uses longknives, but not sure...

keep up the awesome work:)
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they're kinda machette/kitana's there supposed to look like they're coming out of the picture rather than just big, but it was a quick sketch and I didn't pay much attention to depth (much to my shame s an illustrator...sob) and yeah he used knives all right, I picture them being a little bit bigger than a pretty meaty kitchen knife, I could be wrong though, aaaaanyway thanks for checkin' it out I'll keep em' comin'
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yeah, you better!

it's really good for just a quick sketch, you've got a really cool style:)
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sweet! I'm glad you like it I'll keep em' comin' if you keep on watchin'
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Awesome pic of an awesome character; nicely done. Only crit I would add would be to agree with Morgalahan: Kalam, like Quick Ben, is black by virtue of coming from Seven Cities.

In honesty, I would love to see what you can do with a character like Anomander Rake or a K'Chain Chemalle.
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iv'e got a picture of rake in my gallary check it out.....and yes I think you guys are right
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Love it. great work man. hope more bridgeburners are on the way...
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they sure are if I have anything to do with it..........which I do!
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cheers dude! though I'm trying to do a pic of mekhar in full movement in a fight but I'm still only sketchin' at the moment
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Wicked! Aside from that fact that his skin should maybe be a little darker, this rocks! He's an awesone character.
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Woah! That's a damn good sketch!
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it's easy man just blott colors into a black background and cheers by the way!
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