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gardens of the moon characters

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Published: July 23, 2010
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I've been working on these for what seems like forever, I done a fair amount of reading through gardens of the moon to say the characters are as accurate as I can make them though they are still just my interpretations of them. So from left to right.......

Challice D'Arle
Anomander Rake
Toc the Younger
Rallick Nom
Turban Orr
Ganoes Paran
Dujek Onearm
Crokus Younghand
Quick Ben
Lady Simtal
Caladan Brood
Estraysian D'Arle
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Sketchy-on-DetailsHobbyist Traditional Artist

So outta nostalgia I search GotM to find this collection of sketches after writing how it was the reason I started reading Erikson on this Deviation thread -> Slow ass speedpaint_3: Sha'ik by slaine69...your the same f*#king dude..(Dude!)...:iconehhhhplz:(man..thats awkward..)

A most Sincerest Thank You Mr. Shane Sir! I shall now proceed to :+devwatch: you and "Witness! I follow you (art)War leader":iconmonkeywalkinplz:
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Phesant33Hobbyist Digital Artist
WOW wow wow!!!!
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Kruppe, Tattersail, Toc: some of my favourites.


Great job. I appreciate your work and encourage you to do more of these.

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VasgarthHobbyist Digital Artist
Toc the Younger and Bellurdan FTW ! These sketches are simply amazing :) !
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your interpretation?, seems just what Erikson wanted us to see, great job
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KingOfExplodiaProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome! I'm always happy to find good Malazan fan art; it's something of a scarcity. I love the Discworld-esque quality of some of the Bridgeburners. Antsy had me in stitches. They're all wonderful interpretations, although I'd always imagined Paran a little younger and more...haunted-looking? Guy's seen some shit.

Really great stuff overall.
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Amazing! Mammot is one of the best by far, and Ganoes looks exactly as he looked in my mind! Great work, really... And Fiddler, Sorry, Tattersail... I can't even start to describe the awesomeness of this :D
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HiraaetusHobbyist Digital Artist
Great job!
It's always interesting to see how other people imagine characters from books and compare those with the own imagination.
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This is awesome work!
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I just read Gardens of The Moon, and I've got to say, spectacular. The artwork and the book both. I love having your own pictures of the character in your head, but it's awesome when someone as talented as you takes the time to portray their notion of them. My favorite by far and away is Whiskeyjack. You've captured his rugged, seen-it-all nature. Raest is also really good, he looks extremely fierce. The only one I was slightly confused by is Kalam. I thought it said in the book that he was very strong, and relied more on muscle and strength over finesse unlike normal assassins. You seemed to have drawn him leaner. Of course, since you're the artist it's supposed to be what you think they look like. Great work, keep drawing!
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TlanImassHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very Very Very nice... (O.O)
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These are really great. I find the books tend to skim really quickly (if at all) over the character descriptions when first introducing a character, and there are so many it's hard to keep track, so this is really nice to see. I really like Coll, Picker and Sorry.
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Worldwander1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Me gusta!
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This is awesome. You nailed a lot of characters right home. :+fave: Just one thing: the books always describe Shadowthrone as a short, wrinkled old guy (almost a bit Palpantine-ish, in my opinion)...and very fickle. Your portrait, however, is really dour. :P
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ZoraBear Digital Artist
i was wondering if i could use these characters from the book as a reference what they look like.
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SigurthHobbyist General Artist
This is so cool! I love your vision of these characters, most especially Kruppe!
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hyena-smile Digital Artist
these amount to so much awesome! I can't believe how close you managed to represent them, i could recognise some of them without even checking the list :D
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BlackRoseOpalHobbyist General Artist
Wow very well depiction. it's also good to see a fellow fan out there. Well done, but where's Hairlock! :-P
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I dunno I thought the character was a bit to wooden........sorry
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BlackRoseOpalHobbyist General Artist
Ooooh, too soon :-P
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Hah! i actualy guesed that the seconed last one was hedge^^ awsomely done mate:D
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OronorasHobbyist Traditional Artist
Krup was so easily recognizable
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