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gardens of the moon

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Published: September 18, 2007
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I do love David Gemmells books however the mantle of the ultamate fantasy writer goes to Steven Erikson. he has probably the best characters in fantasy indutry one of which being Anomander Rake leader of the Tist Andii and weilder of the floating fort moonspawn
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Very nice! I just finished reading the book, and your portraying of Rake is really good... :)
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Fuck yeah dude!!! Ericson is the man!!!!!I have to say that Karsa Orlong the Thellomen Toblakai is my favourite so far
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cheers dude, I just got dust of dreams this week it's gonna be my savior from boring bus jouneys
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Ah, I remember seeing this the first time you posted it up here, still awesome as ever!
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I fell in love with this drawing! :o

Love the sword and armor!
Jealous of his hair -_-" I want hair like that! :(
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tell me about it it would go well with the cape, armour and sword I want as well
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Yea well :p blacksmithing isn't really a skill of mine :(
God knows I wouldn't be walking around like I do if it was! xD
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cantas78Professional Digital Artist
thats Fuckin great man...i love it
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glad you like it dude, it's an oldie
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He reminds me of a Dark Elf from Warhammer! He kinda seems like Malus Darkblade. I may have to read this book.
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tis a good book indeed, he's a righteous author
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Awesome pic to end all awesome pics.
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TattersailHobbyist Digital Artist
Now that's an awesome painting of good old Andy Rake!

Moon's Spawn looks great:)

Is that Pale in the background? Or Darujhistan?
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Darujhistan it's supposed to be, but I'm cradd at doin' city scenery and cheers for the nice comment I now can't fit my huge ego through any doors, oh and tee hee 'hood damned gallery' nice one!
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TattersailHobbyist Digital Artist
you're welcome:)

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justinbysmaProfessional Filmographer
This is so sick. Great series.
great job on rake, really well done.
everything about this picture is just so well done.
great job
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cheers dude though I can't take credit, I just drew it steven ericson made the picture
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yay! i know this is random but i'm excited and really in a weird hyper mood today. guess what....i finally ordered gardens of the moon! *squee* i was on and and i was ordering this other book and suddenly thought of gardens of the moon and i was like 'i'm gonna go check that out' and i did, and it sounds so supremely awesome so i ordered it!yay for steven erikson!
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wow thats awsome babe, like I said it's a bit of a tough read but ride through it man it's worth it, you've put me in a good mood for the rest of the day, so much in fact I think I'm gonna really piss of my landlady for fun mwahahahahahaha, cheers again and I think I'll join you in a 'yay for steven erikson'
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It's an awsome picture of an awsome serie! Great work
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aye it's a damn fine colaboration of shit hot books all right, it's always good to meet people who have the same type of reading taste, it's more rewarding when some one understans the picture rather than just looking at it
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wow, i love this pic. it's got this sort of intensity about it, and you can tell he's a bad ass. i like that gold city, and that castle-y place on that floating part of a cliff or something, and the lights good too. cool pic, sorry for rambling, i do that a lot...
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