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bridgeburner sketches.......nuff said
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nuff said xD
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i thought sorry was just a recruit, not a bridgeburner. >.> does she become a bridgeburner at the end of the book(or middle).
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This is hands-down the best representation of some of the Bridgeburners. 'cept for Quick Ben, who I'm pretty sure is bald and black, they're all exactly as I imagined them.
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aye I done it a while age and redone old Quick, [link]
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Yeah, I saw that one as well, and that does actually look a lot like what I imagined QB to look like. Skills, is all I have to say.
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HA! cheers dude!
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I'm not sure if you've seen the work of Paul Kidby, who does the cover art of the current Terry Pratchett books? They released his Discworld sketches and paintings in a couple of books if you want to check them out; your style with these drawings reminds me strangely of his art. It's a great style.
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yeah dude I know his work well he influenced alot of the character sketches I've done because he captures the identity of a character in their facial expression, which is what I try to do, cheers for the cool comments man I really appreciate them especially cuz I'm in the midst of Erikson drawing frenzy so keep an eye out dude there's alot more to come, YAR!
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veeeeery stylish!! amazing
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glad you like them dude!
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Great portraits, but Quick Ben was bald, isn't he?
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black! bald! bugger! it's been a while since I read the origional descriptions I've just finished bonehunters and I seem to have my own versions of the characters burned into my head,
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Hey, nobody said that is bad :) I think Your version of Quick Ben is amazing as whole picture. Please do not be offended. I really like Your works.
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I'm not offended in the slightest my good chum! I'm just glad I can show people who actually know who steven erikson is my work, it's all gravy baby!
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He's black, not sure if he's bald though.
plus-i-minus's avatar
Hmm I'm not sure either, but I'll check :)
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LOL I believe he is black and bald but apart from that its a great pic all the same:D
plus-i-minus's avatar
Yeah, pic is awsome :D And about his baldness, so there'a a two of us :D
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