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Unknown Primarch

By slaine69
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reeling from a savage roundhouse to the head the emperor realized he was not the most powerful being in the universe and as such Chuck Norris was expunged from the records never to be approached by anyone again......ever!
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Chuck Norris in an OP mech suit... yeah, seems about right
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It isn't a OP mech duit:
1.It's a cosmetic.
2.It's weakening him so his enemys acutally dare to fight him.
3.This isn't Chuck Norris,he's in the web way and scares demon's there around,leading them without wanting it to the closed portal at the empirial palaste.
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Really... really??! Another Chuck Norris joke where is is made to be stupidly powerful?

This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't need this everywhere on the internet. Heck Chuck Norris was a decent actor and while a impressive fighter not the best out there.
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There used to be a street named after Chuck Norris. But it was changed because nobody crosses Chuck Norris and lives.
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This is so pretty!
Fellmoon's avatar
where he is make*
I didn't see this*
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This picture gave me heresy. 
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The Chaos Gods chose wisely. Who are we to question their ways! GLORY TO THE DARK GODS!
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You sir, are a boss. :]
The Emperor of Mankind keeps the Golden Throne warm for Chuck Norris.
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Quoting Lexicanum: " When the Emperor exiled the Primarch whose name starts with C and must neνer be said , a great age of grief begun. The Primarch whose name starts with C and must neνer be said was so depressed by his conviction that a fart of immense force was released. It was this very incident that gave birth to the Ruinus Powers as we know them today. The Emperor was devasted and blamed himself for this apocalyptic turn of events. Thus , in order to find relief but also keep his status unmarked , he errased history and re-wrote it the way he saw fit. To this day the Primarch whose name starts with C and must neνer be said is still worshiped by the four ruinous powers as a God."

lies and treason good sir. lies and treason.

funny pic. =)
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chcuk norris is way overrated. he's not even cool anymore.
anyways, love the space marine drawing, hate the Chuck norris head
TheLastIronMan's avatar
Whiiiiich is a good thing. Cuz the Gods wouldabeen done fucked.
TheSkullKnight's avatar
bwahahahah so epic chuck norris would totally be a primarch maby even the god emperor
RayMax90's avatar
Nooo, if only the emperor had made this guy the Warmaster instead of Horus!
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lol, awesome. Woot, go Chuck Norris!
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My boyfriend and I laughed so hard when we saw this that we scared my dog. You are our new idol!

It all makes sense now. It's all true!
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I will just continue with the Chuck jokes ... ^^

Wonder which Legion he was supposed to lead ... the Space Rangers? The Emperor´s Man?
The Emperor actually intended to use Chuck Norris to destroy planets, but the went with the exterminatus ... he thought it was more humane.
The Chaos Gods wanted Chuck instead of Horus to lead the Rebellion ... they just never picked up the courage to ask him.
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NOT funny. Jokes about Chuck are really getting DUMB.
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QQ more.

This pic is hilarious.
Tr01ka's avatar
Not actually.
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