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Thunder Warrior

By slaine69
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Location  Gates of Terra
Before the Emperor reached his claw into space He first had to unite the tribes of terra under one banner, to that end he created the Proto Astartes, the Thunder Warriors. 
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Was going to agree with what another dude said below -- the fellow should be sporting the Raptor Imperialis (the eagle's head) and not the Aquila on his chest; if he's intended to be a Thunder Warrior.

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In war forged, in war preserved

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excellent work!!

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Wait, wasn't the double-headed eagle created after the reunion of Terra?

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er.....yes! one is different, it's known double headed imperial Parrot...(sweet save!)

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Huh. I was not aware of this particular piece of heraldy. Go figure.

Anyway, anacronisms aside, thepictire is pretty blood awesome ^^

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This is such an awesome picture! Now I want to read more lore about the Thunder Warriors of old.

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Hooooooooly moly this is AMAZING!!!

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Heeeeey man, thanks, it's a bit of an Homage to Blanche

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The Thunder Warriors, they who preceded the Legiones Astartes and the warriors responsible for uniting Terra once more.

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Then discarded like so much detritus, S'ok though, Dakal is still knocking about somewhere ;)

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Depends on hich source. Some say the Thunder Warriors got betrayed, others say they rebelled, and others had the Thunder Warriors asking to be given mercy kills after they had served their purpose.

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Is the knowledge of their creation still known, and who knows it? I like this action-packed scene it is very awesome.

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A few Thunder Warriors survived their purge by going into hiding. Only one, Arik Taranis, got anywhere in figuring how to stabilise his deliberately-flawed biology.
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There is a theory that Endryd Haar might have been a Thunder Warrior who had been adapted with Space Marine Gene seed perhaps as an experiment. Malcador called him an unusual case and an abomination. He had fought in the unification wars and was very different from other World Eaters.

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Whaaaaaat, that's the first I've heard of Endryd Haar, I just give him a quick google and I am all over that. Unification stuff, like the missing primarchs, is wrapped in so much mystery (minus a certain Babu) that it's almost like a craving . Thanks for the heads up guys.

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Fucking love it, dude

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Cheers man, this one was a blast to work on.

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Remember the Thunder Legion. For without them, The Emperor could never have begun his great work.

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Betrayed they were! by the corpse god, left to fade into obscurity and peril as is the whim and tendency with the scion of stolen power .

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