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Silchas Ruin

youngest child of mother dark, conceptual sketch, photoshop
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I can see him! Seriously, if I had the skills to do so, that's how I would've drawn him. I agree with Stavaros-the-arcane, it's great how the armor resembles the scales *goes off to fav*
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aye I think pre imprisonment Silchas is slightly more interesting to look at and cheers fort the fav!
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haha god damm, thats a piece of work right there.

excellent stuff might i add, also give a . . redish glow to his eyes, should make it more menacing ^^

keeo up the good work!
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already on the case dude!
Ganoes-Paran's avatar
lol righto, anything to make your works to be world class masterpieces ^^
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amazing piece! I love the armor, especially how it resembles his dragon scales.

This is the kind of armor I can picture him wearing before his inprisonment when he strode the world in all his awesome glory.

the only thing that could improve this that I can think of would be to colour his eyes. The blood red eyes of an albino are one of the specific details that adds to his sense of presence. it would also create a cool contrast with the rest of the image.

none the less spectacular rendering of the Silchas Ruin.
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I'm working on another silchas picture from the reapers gale and I'll be damnes sure to make those awsome eyes stand right the fuck out, sweet!
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HA! nice emot! I want one of them on a t-shirt
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