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Shadowthrone redo

a revamped version of an old pic I like this one better.......cuz the other one's crap!
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Great job. Love it!
Since when does he have a beard like Gandalf? Besides he is Dal Honese as well (see Mogora). :D
You're Onrack at Malazan Empire? The more scetchy, rough ones there are way better i think. Lot more character without all that softness plus you're leaving the numb trail of stressed outlines there a bit. Thats a good direction to steer.
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i'm just reading DG and i gotta tell you man, your art is really helpful.. :D

great work!!!
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aaaah thats great to hear, cheers I appreciate it
R1VENkassle's avatar
Bad ass brotha! :horns: Very close to what I see him as
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it gettin' closer dude I done another sketch of him in the Malazan forum [link] its near the bottom (he he bottom)it a small bit closer to what I see him like
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That's the one I like man. You gave me a link to the one you have uploaded here :D but yeah man... that one's doing the ass kickin
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heh! that proves it I AM completely retarded, I wonder if I can get some sort of monetary allowance for it?
R1VENkassle's avatar
lol that'd be awesome for sure :P
hmm - I like it! Not quite what I pictured - but I most definitly like the overall effect! I the only major difference in my mind was that they always describe his face as being hidden by the cowl - so actually seeing it just strikes me as odd! Other than that - fantastic! (I liked the old one too, btw!)
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besides being a traditional welsh stew dish what exactly is a cowl? it sounds retarded but I've never really thought about it until now, is it like a hood or a veil? I just don't know, aaaaaanyhow this isn't really what I imagine him to look like it was kinda a doodle but what I do imagine him like is a an old, small, bearded dal honese fella who can't hold his shape together and seems very uncomfortable about his lot in the story
I think that a cowl is the part of a hood that covers the head and hides tha face, kind of like a hood type idea. So in my mind kind of like an extra-large hood, casting his face into shadow. Just cause earlier on his face is often referred to ismply being lost in shadow - though I guess his whole body is lost in shadows!
warrior-of-tzeentch's avatar
I would hardly call the other one crap, but this one is definitely outstanding. Well done sir.
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cheers dude though it's still not quite like I imagine him I think I'm gonna give it another go soon
warrior-of-tzeentch's avatar
I look forward to it.
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