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I've been long overdue for some Erikson pics
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Image of the Week of the Malazan Wiki. Congrats :)
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Great take on Silchas Ruin!
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You're welcome!
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I like this. Very creepy. We'll done. 
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It the story of how the Tistee become three separite people. So far very cool.I hope you draw Draconus.He is bad ass too.
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reading the Forge of Darkness by Steven Erikson.Ruin is one of my favorite characters.I don't know why he betrays his brother but, i'm sure Anderist deserves it.
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just wanted to let you know I've featured your wonderful piece here [link]
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wonderful atmosphere
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I don't about everyone else but I always cheered for Ruin and for Kasra
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Pretty frickin sweet!
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I love your Erikson pics!
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Does this have any relation at all with Drizzt Do'Urden?? Very amazingly done btw!
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Damn! so dark:)..i want Your talent man:)..great art
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thanks a lot I appreciate it
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I thought silchas was an albino? He looks more like an edur to me :)
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he is! but he was also covered in mold and dirt
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long over due, and worth the wait. A fantastic piece in deed.
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cheeeeeers much appreciated
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Dude This is as Always AWESOME!
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Looks pretty el neato if you ask me. Though, I think that the fist closest to the viewer is a little small. Still, the technique used is better than the last like always and it has a good solid feel to it, you have gotten very good at making your characters work with the background.
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