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Rogal Dorn

By slaine69
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Rogal Dorn was the Primarch of the Imperial Fists Space Marine Chapter. He was one of the twenty Primarchs created by the Emperor in the earliest days of the Imperium, just after the end of the Age of Strife.
Dorn commanded his Legion and Expeditionary Fleets with peerless devotion and military genius. It was said that he possessed perhaps the finest military mind of the Primarchs, ordered and disciplined but still inclined to flashes of zeal and inspiration. Indeed, the Warmaster had said that he esteemed Dorn and the Imperial Fists so highly that he reckoned if the Fists, noted masters of defence, were to hold a fortress against him and his Luna Wolves, the resultant conflict would result in a never-ending stalemate.
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"Once upon a time, I was ME."
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Only one word is going through his brain “no”
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LeonitusHobbyist General Artist
The only thing looking weird as fuck is that left arm. I can't make sense of it.
CrouchingAllosaurus's avatar
Damn, Storm's Teeth's lookin' terrifying in Dorn's hands.
Private-Funny-Man's avatar
Nice work. That mustache. I wonder why the Emperor never grew facial hair. 
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LeonitusHobbyist General Artist
Have you seen the Emperor? He's obviously inspired by Native Americans and they can't grow facial worth shit. Instead of growing something, it'd look more natural and better if he instead glued pubes on his face.
Private-Funny-Man's avatar
Big E is Pre-Hittite.
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SirRingeStudent Traditional Artist
Truth level asshole: ACHIEVED~!
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LeonitusHobbyist General Artist
Looks like Colonel Quaritch (James Cameron's Avatar) in Warhammer 40K.
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I can't tell you how many of your pieces have inspired my music man keep it up! :D
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slaine69Professional Digital Artist
wicked wicked wiiiiicked stuff cheeers, I love that type of music man, Jeremy Soule is like my go to guy for drawing music most days. I've only had a chance to listen to a couple of the samples (know no fear and the burning) but that is some beastly awesome work dude, so you keep it up too haha                                                          
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TheAsorlinsStrikeStudent Traditional Artist
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Dorn's working one beefy-looking chainsword...I approve. ^_^
Flynn01's avatar
this is awesome.
Uhasada's avatar
Especieally like the massive chainsword! Though the boots seems a bit too big.
Maestitia-Relictus's avatar
You totaly have it!
It's him, powerful but faithful and unbreakable : Dorn the mighty!
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And THAT is real Rogal Dorn! Big, badass and strong! Very good job, Slaine. You are one of my fav now!
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My only gripe is the face. Otherwise a perfect piece of art.
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How the heck do you get this good.. ?
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Wow dude that's awesome as! ^_^
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slaine69Professional Digital Artist
thanks man
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morqwalHobbyist Writer
his eyes are perfect
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slaine69Professional Digital Artist
cheers dude
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