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Quick's warren

I'm runnin' out of things to call the Quick Ben pics
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Bit too musculy for the skinny little mage I always imagined, but otherwies I think it's very accurate

me like Karasa - destroy civilization!
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yeah I know what you mean I was messing around with a sort of comic style which I'm not very good at
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this is my favorite picture!
FalseGodsSlayer's avatar
powerful, very powerful indeed!
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You know, I've started to see your pic of Quick in my head whenever I imagine him :)
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Quick has to be one of my favorite characters
Very bad ass
Ookami121's avatar
hood's balls man! :D FREAKING AMAZING AGAIN!
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feners tits! cheers
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Great image.

Next image, you should call it "Quick Ben doing whatever the **** Quick Ben usually does"
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'Quick gives up on the old magic malarky and takes up knitting'
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He almost reminds me of Jafar from Aladdin in this pic. I don't know why... I couldn't actually point out the similarity XP Good job though, Quick's awesome! :D
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HA yeah! a hat , a parrot and and an overwhelming urge to kill hobos is all he needs
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lol I can just imagine Quick with a parrot. It's a funny mental picture.
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really cool style you have
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That is very cool. It has a bit of comic-style flavor to Quick, and the swirling warren looks sweet. Very nice.
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cheers dude though I still have no idea what I think a warren looks like , it's one of those things thats just elusive to put you're finger on
warrior-of-tzeentch's avatar
And it is the mystery that makes them so much fun to try and interpret.
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