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Paran and Anomander

the other piece I done for the Malazan comp
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I've not read of this scene so far (missing books at my library), but this is awesome!
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Epic win. Awesome stuff! :+fav:
Why is dragnipur in your drawings red? Referring to the book it is a black blade with chains of dark smoke... the sword of rake here doesnt fit at all to descriptions in the books :(
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Yes I know, I have read the books too,though as an artist it is sometime necessary to take creative control for the good of the picture, if you look at the majority of the drawing I have done of Dragnipur you will see that they are set against a dark background so, drawing a black blade covered with black smoke and wrapped in black chains would be hard to make out and and a bad decision for the picture which is why I added the red, the reason for choosing red as the accenting colour was that red, I think, is the closest to black in terms of color emotion, in doing this I done what was best for the picture and tried to stay faithful to the 'feel' of Dragnipure as a character, which I very much believe it to be, of course doing this was and is a case of trial and error culmination in the latest incarnation [link] though if you are not convinced then I will direct yo to Micheal Komarck who I believe is the definitive Erikson artist in this picture he uses the same techneque, though not colours, to communicate the 'essence' of black [link] notice how even though Anomanders' skin is black this is 'conveyed' through colours like the purples, greens and blues rather than actually being black, the same is true with his version of Dragnipur. Furthermore, based in art theory is the use of plain black or plain white is prohibited because as colours they do not exist, they are, in fact, shades and should only be used with other colours to darken or lighten them, so drawing Dragnipure completely black would not only be conventionally wrong but would make it look less like the solid object that it is. Inexorably, these approaches, methods, reasons? led me to the conclusion that were 3D space a factor with movement such as CGI of film I would have indeed stuck to the original black colour but as 2D motionless art it is just not a viable option, that is why Dragnipur in my drawing is red and I got as close to the descriptions in the book as artistic conduct allows
Is this some pernicious mirage? Doth mine eyes deceive me?

No, it is MBotF fanart. More, it is good MBotF fanart.

I think I might love you.
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ooh (blushes) this is all so soon
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I featured your deviation here
Hope you don't mind :)
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not at all my dear, feature away
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:jawdrop: That is freaking sweet. I'm stunned.
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goooooood glad you like it dude
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:O ooooo sweet. i love the sword and Rake's glowy eyes. nicely done! :)
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cheers it's been a while since I last done Rake
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